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Infinite Visions Tarot is a self-published tarot deck designed by Gloria Jean, an artist and tarot card enthusiast living in Colorado. The cards are collage designs made from images and parts of images from the art of the Old Masters. The deck is sold only in a standard tarot size of 2.75" X 4.75". They are thick and sturdy and are borderless. Some of the images on this site may be slightly different as some have been improved and edited. For example, the knight of Wands got a new suit of armor and lost his sword in the newer version.King and Queen of Swords

Kings and Queens in this deck are matching pairs. Here, the Queen of Swords is shown holding two swords, which indicate her attitude is and more about following her mind than her heart. She will cut to the chase and not be swayed by her emotions. The King’s swords are shown on the wall behind him as his power lies in his office or in his knowledge and wisdom base. He is a man who often holds issues of life and death in his hands. He is a wise counselor who, like the queen, places his mind in the driver’s seat rather than his heart.

King and Queen of CupsThe King and Queen of Cups wearing green satin garments, stand in front of a wall which seems to hold back the ocean waves pounding behind them under cloudy skies. Both the Queen and the King hold a cup in their left hand while another cup sits on the table in front of them, waiting for someone else to drink with them. This symbolizes their need for others, for family and for love. A musical instrument symbolizes their love for music and for the music in their souls.

Both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana are fully illustrated in this deck..  The beauty and detail you see in the Major cards is also present in the Minors which are divided into four suits. These suits are the wands, swords, pentacles and cups. Each suit is numbered from one to ten and has four court cards, which are the Page, Knight, Queen and King.

Dark Magician, Dark Priestess
he Dark Priestess and the Dark Magician brings the number of cards in this deck to 80. They are extra un-numbered cards that serve as a warning.

Dark Magician: Lock your doors, sound the drums, something evil this way comes.The energy of this card personifies anger, bad intentions, hateful thoughts, black magic or psychic attacks. It can also represent repressed anger that has degenerated into a deep depression that may be hidden and destructive. This card may simply alert you to an angry presence that could be dangerous. You will probably know who it is.

Infinite Visions Tarot follows the traditions of the RWS Tarot system pretty closely (even though it's not merely a clone or a "look-alike" of Rider Waite Smith tradition), so it is a deck that a beginner can use and enjoy.  Any level of Tarot experience can appreciate this deck. 

Knight of Wands, Infinite Visions Tarot Chariot, Infinite Visions Tarot
Emperor, Infinite Visions Tarot ...Five of Pentacles, Infinite Visions Tarot

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