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Predicting Outcomes of Games, Races and Elections.
(A Tarot Experiment, attempting to answer the questions: Can the Winners be predicted with the Tarot? If so, how is it done? How accurate can it be? How does it work?)
Tarot: A tool to Reveal Secrets
Divination in Tarot

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Reviews: Infinite Visions Tarot.

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Valerie Sylvester, Tarot Elements :
Sheri Harshberger Tarot Reflections ,-
Interview with Infinite Visions Tarot by Velven Angel
James Ricklef:
Solandia at Aeclectic

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Developing your personal tarot System: In the vast world of the subconscious there really is no spoken language, but there are shapes, colors, images, feelings, perceptions, and symbols. Tarot cards are depictions of familiar images and symbols that register meaning in our subconscious mind, and can speak to our more conscious awareness as we associate them with our daily lives. These images and symbols seem to have meanings according to our experience as the observer. This is one of the reasons that every tarot card reader soon developes a personal system for reading the cards.




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