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Infinite Visions Tarot Creation Center

Infinite Visions Tarot productionThank you for visiting my website and thank you for your interest in my tarot deck. The picture to the left is me cutting the box I designed for the deck.

I am slowly adding card interpretations, but for now, they are incomplete. When I have finished all of them, and editied them, I will make it into a book. For now. the function of this site is to show all the card designs and offer you a way to purchase them.

I named my tarot deck Infinite Visions Tarot because the visions of this world we live in are infinite and the designs kept coming to me. I picked the best ones I could and I based my designs on the traditional Rider Waite interpretations.

I live in Southeast Colorado and my email is gloria@infinitevisionstarot.com.

Each deck is inspected, prepared and shipped by me and is in a hand made box with a little white book and certificate of authenticity signed by me. As of the end of 2013, approximately 400 decks have been sold. Each person who has purchased my deck is recorded and each deck is numbered.

I want to thank everyone who has purchased my deck and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating and making them available for you.

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I have a painting blog here: http://gloria-jean.net/




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