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Divination in Tarot

A word of caution in divination readings:

Another question to consider is whether or not a card reader predicting a future event for someone else could be a contributing factor towards the cause of an event's manifestation simply by bringing more energy and attention to that probability.

If the event is said to be quite a distance into the future and the client believes the reader, he may start to visualize, worry and think about it. Thought and belief play an important role in creating personal reality.

If so, the tarot card reader could be partly responsible for the unfolding and manifestation of an event simply by the planting of the suggestion, much like a hypnotist. However, if the reading is a true and accurate reading of an event in progress, chances are the client has already been setting it up. The tarot card reader must be careful what kind of suggestions they bring to the tarot table.

Tarot card readers should understand the creative principle and how the law of mind creates personal reality. They may not be helping their clients by drawing attention to negative probabilities, unless they can guide them onto a different path of un-creation of an unwanted outcome.

Belief is a powerful tool in both orders of reality, especially the implicate [unfolded] order. Hypnotists know this, some tarot card readers and magicians also know this.

Walk away from any reading that seems dark and mysterious or instills fear. Know that your future and your experience is always completely in your own hands. Learn about reading the signs and try the Tarot as a tool yourself for doing that. You can change your future and you can alter your reality with your intention, thought and belief.



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