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The Fool, Infinite Visions Tarot

The Fool

The Fool is pictured as a young man standing on the edge of a cliff, one foot half off the edge. He is reaching for a star which might represent his hopes, dreams and future intentions. The Fool is eager to enter the world and seek his fortune, but he is often inexperienced and clueless of the pitfalls and perils of life that await him as he plunges forward with gusto and faith, with no thought of failure.

Meaning of the Fool: Sometimes when I see the Fool in a reading the first word that pops into my mind is "clueless." Faith and folly are the key words for the fool, but this is not a negative card.. He is really no fool, but an innocent who embraces whatever life brings. His motives are simple and his exuberance leaves no room for doubt or fear. In the eyes of the fool who trusts in his instincts, all things are possible. He believes that everything will work out. The attitude partly responsible for his good luck is his lack of negative thinking and his willingness to take action. He is fearless.

In a reading: The fool takes risks because the alternative is to die on the vine. He represents purity of action untouched by experience. Little thought is given to the possibility of failure. The attitude of the fool is that life should be an adventure and if it is not, then what’s the point? Good luck will often be the blessing of the fool and it comes naturally by way of positive thinking and the absence of worry about consequences.

Sometimes the fool stumbles and falls off the cliff and has to learn a hard and valuable lesson in order to progress to the next stage of his path, which is the magician who knows more about how to manifest his desires, and is wiser to the pitfalls of the world. The Fool is innocent and unknowing and yet he follows his dream unrestrained by worry or fear. His success is not luck, but the lack of any visions of failure.

Regarding occupation: Trust in the flow as you head into a new direction. Let go of your expectations and be true to yourself and your dream. This is unknown territory and you are entering a new phase. You will be happy if you work at something you are passionate about or interested in. If you feel excitement and joy, go for it, if you have a feeling of dread, then back away. Do what you love. It is time to learn so keep your eyes open, no fear. The Fool, Infinite Visions Tarot

Regarding Romance: 
You take a chance on a new relationship. The attraction is overpowering and you will not see the whole picture. You are not really ready for a commitment, and you may be pressured to do so. You are having too much fun to be tied down. It is always wise to use contraceptives because starting a family is the furthest thing from your mind.. The best thing to do in this situation is just stay aware of how you feel take some time to describe it in words. Words like: “Joy, happiness, comfort,” are good, but words like: fear, suspicion, jealousy, anger, are not so good.

Regarding your health: You discover more natural alternative treatment for a lingering problem that gives you new awareness and energy; or you see a new doctor and decide to embark on an exciting journey to renew your health and vitality. You discover that a positive attitude can directly affect your health and energy. Use the power of your mind to heal.

General Advice: Reaching for your dream does not mean you should throw caution to the wind or allow yourself to be blind to the perils of the rocky cliffs you are about to traverse. Follow your passion in this new adventure but open your eyes and look where you are going. It is time to make a plan.

Is the fool wise? Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. What ever choices you make, personal growth is the key when it comes to the fool. Believe in yourself and learn from your experiences.

Le Vertige, Idylle 1867


The Painting:

"Le Vertige, Idylle"
By Emile  Levy
French Artist 
born 1826- died 1890 



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