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The Magician, Infinite Visions Tarot

The Magician

Our magician wears a purple robe and is standing over a cauldron surrounded by herbs and bottles of unknown potions. One hand is pointing toward the heavens and the other toward the earth and you can see the electricity and magic that he channels to manifest his reality. He has a dagger in his belt, a staff in his hand and a cup with a pentacle carved in it full of water on the rock behind him. There is a bird in the sky above his head and also one at his feet. Behind him, a nebula of star dust, of which we are all made.

Meaning of the Magician: The Magician is successful because he believes in himself and is not afraid to take action. He is the ultimate achiever because he formulates a plan and then takes action. He has discovered the formula for success. He uses the power of his will to direct his own destiny.

He or she has learned to use the power of intention and action, along with imagination, emotions, and visualization to formulate and achieve his goals. It is not unconscious energy that gets the magician what he or she wants, as it is with the Fool. The magician becomes the designer of his or her personal reality. The magician is a conscious visionary, a conscious co-creator of personal reality.

In a reading: You suddenly notice synchronicity that point to a deeper order and organization. It is because of the action and intention that you have initiated. Financially and health wise your life improves. The law of attraction is at work in your life to bring you what you desire because you have the wisdom to take action with intent. By your own actions and experience, your greatest strength is your faith in the universal laws.

Regarding occupation: Success is at your doorstep. You begin a new job or get a promotion. Because you do what needs to be done and take action you are going to see the results. Your creative project takes off and your dreams materialize. It is your singleness of purpose and commitment that keeps you going down the path to success. You know what you are doing and why your are doing it. You make plans and carry them out and you practice what you preach. In the eyes of others, it appears that you create miracles. Your energy is contagious and you inspire others. You utilize intention to your work and you take willful and purposeful action. That starts things moving and success is yours. Steer clear of associates who use trickery and manipulation to get what they want because if you hang around with them, it will cast a bad light on you.

Regarding Romance: A new romantic interest comes into your life under unusual circumstances or your current relationship grows and flourishes, rising to the next level. Keep your partner intrigued with your magical creative vitality. You will make a strong impact on him or her with your commitment to doing what needs to be done and keeping the relationship interesting. Be conscious of what is going on with and never take anything for granted. Be in the moment. Put your attention on your partner and take it off of yourself and you will hold him or her captive in your power.

Regarding your health: Suddenly problems clear up and you are feeling much better. You find alternative medicine works well for you. You begin to change your diet. This benefits you and it is not just a passing phase. You decide to take action to improve your energy and health. Remember that illness is a wake-up call and you need to pay attention to any small change in your energy. The thoughts that you think have a tremendous impact on how you feel; particularly your emotions. Listen to you body for clues. Find something to be grateful for. Do something that helps you to feel better emotionally. Something that makes you smile. 
The Magician, Infinite Visions Tarot

General Advice: It is a good idea to visualize what you want but you must intend to take action. That means that you will take action. The magician knows that wishing and hoping is not going to cut it. He knows that talk is cheap. Talking about what you are going to do or even thinking about it does not produce results. It is the actual doing that will get you the results you want. Use the power of your will to direct your attention and energy towards your goal and then take deliberate and conscious actions. If action does not follow your intentions, then they were not intentions at all.



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