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The Emperor, Infinite Visions TarotThe Emperor

Card description:
This regal character is not just a king sitting on his thrown, he is an emperor. His face is stern and serious. He dresses the part and holds his staff and his authority with strength and power. His word is law and he looks you straight in the eye. He demands respect. He does not take 'no' for an answer easily. For those of you who are familiar with this painting, I used a portrait of Napoleon but I changed the head, and made him taller. The face is from a painting of . a portrait of Charles De Solier, Lord Morette by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1498- 1543.

Meaning: The Emperor represents structure, order and authority figures. He is the boss, the president, the father. His appearance can also represent law and order and the political structures at work in our lives. He is the traditional authority.

The emperor is all about control and creating order out of chaos, or taking charge of a situation. It is about establishing law and order, making rules, and guidelines and enforcing them.

If this card represents the energy of a person, that person is a strong and forceful presence who is very much in charge and in control. Resistance could be difficult or even futile against this energy.

In a reading, The Emperor can represent an encounter with authority, or the law. He can also represent the order in our lives and the assumption of power and control. He is the guy in charge, the president, the boss, and the one who enforces the law. His energy is about authority, order and control. He can represent your father or any other male authority figure. I joke about it, the nickname in my mind for this guy is “the ass hole in charge.” In a reading, this card can represent a person, but most of the time it represents the energy. Order, rules, laws, and authority. That authority may be a person, but the focus is more on his authority than on him as a person.

Regarding occupation: Your boss can be somewhat dictatorial and annoying at times but he has things under control and you can learn a lot from him. Don’t try to run his business, even if you think you know more than him. (You probably don’t) but in any case, remember your place.

You will find that when you put your plans into action and use your organizational skills they are noticed and you will be noticed for a job well done. Your reward will be a raise or maybe you will just keep your job. Learn everything you can from this job, and from your boss. Try to develop rapport with him. One day you can be the guy in charge if you so choose.

Regarding Romance: Your significant other may not be Indiana Jones, or a romantic, but he or she is reliable, confident, and probably opinionated. The two of you can create a kingdom where you can depend on each other, even when you don’t always agree. He or she may be your boss, or a co-worker. The attraction is not immediate but it grows. You will discover new things about each other and find out that you make a good team, both in business and in a love relationship. Don't try to be the boss or get involved in power struggles as that will only be a waste of time.

Regarding your health: You are very traditional and you trust in your physician and follow his advice most of the time. Your belief in his ability to heal you contributes to your getting better, but you are not apposed to trying alternative methods. You love a good massage and might try chiropractic treatments and herbs. You won't speak of this to your physician because you think you may be showing disrespect or a lack of confidence in him. You do this out of respect for him, because you don't like people to show a lack of confidence in you. You believe in your right to good health and you will pay whatever is required for the magic pill if you believe it could work. You may think you are immune to a snake oil type remedy but you are not, so use some caution. 

The Emperor

Advice: If the situation is chaotic, it means that more organization, order and a strong leadership energy is needed. Ultimately the buck stops at you where the authority for your own state of affairs is concerned. If not, then find out who is really in charge and consult with him or her. The situation requires leadership.



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