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Tarot: A Tool to Reveal Secrets.

All things and events are created and sustained by mind. As an individual thinking center, you participate in the creation of reality itself.

The tarot is a tool that communicates to your conscious mind with the use of images where a language is not spoken. They are symbols, signs and reflections of energies present within the events of the moment. If you learn to read the cards according to your perceptions of reality, they will reveal secrets that are hidden from you, secrets that remain in your own subconscious.

If a card is drawn with thought and feeling or with a question in mind, the result will be in keeping with the energy present. Our thoughts and perceptions create our personal reality. The law of vibration insures that nothing comes into your perception or experience that you did not create or invite via your vibrational energy. You invite your experiences with your thoughts, emotions, attitudes and intentions. These are the energies and vibrations that surround you.

Tarot: A Tool For Divination

All future events and outcomes are probabilities and exist only within an order of reality and mind that has not yet unfolded. David Bohm, a physicist, calls these orders of reality the "implicate" or "enfolded" order, and the "explicate" or "unfolded" order.

In the enfolded [or implicate] order, space and time are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements.

The tarot cards will reveal a story of what appears to be the past, present and future because an event is intertwined within what we consider to be these three aspects of time. But the past, present and future are intimately connected and are one and the same. What drives an event forward and gives the impression that we move through time, is cause and effect.

The two orders of reality are the "enfolded" and the "unfolded." The enfolded has not happened yet. The unfolded is the reality that we see and experience. It has manifested or unfolded.

Because of the entanglement of these two orders of reality it would be difficult for the tarot cards [the signs] to not to reveal the flow of these events, especially if certain vibrations and causes are operating and still firmly in place, particularly intentions and attitudes. Sometimes the course of an unfolding event can be altered and the outcome changed instantly if an intention and/or attitude change occurs. This does not happen very often however.

There are some events that are past the point of no return. They have already been created and have just not completely manifested. This is when the cards will reveal a future event. They are revealing an event that has already been created, but simply has not unfolded. Most events that can be changed, will not be changed.

When you learn to read the energy of your deck accurately, you will be more proficient in interpreting the nature of future events and the strength to which they may or may not be changeable or preventable.

When the cards do reveal a future event in the making and no course of action or intention is taken to alter that event, the event will unfold according to the law. While we do create and participate in the events in our lives there are some that are beyond our control and some that are not, simply because cause originates from thought and thought comes from all thinking centers.

It is important to remember that events can only happen in the present moment because reality only exists in the present moment. There is no actual future, there are only intentions, probabilities and causal momentum.

Sometimes a reader will want to know about an event that is currently in progress, not knowing what or when the outcome of the event will be. So they will turn to the tarot cards for a look beyond the distractions occuring in their outer reality. This is what we call divination. It is not that we couldn't all see what lies ahead if we are paying attention, it is that we are distracted with the current momet.

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