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Ten of CupsTen of Cups

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This is the happy family card that focuses on love, joy and contentment. It shows a man and his wife admiring their children. Behind them on the mantel are ten cups. I call this the "happily ever after" card.

In a Reading: This card indicates a permanent successful and enduring relationship with complete happiness and emotional harmony. This is the card representing domestic bliss, security, prosperity, and happiness. It is what most people desire in life and hope for in their relationship with their significant other. Unfortunately this card will often show up in the position of what a person desires or wishes for rather than in the "outcome" position. If this card is not in your outcome position you may want to ask the tarot what you can do to get it there.

Regarding your occupation: New connections improve your business and your past problems fade as harmony begins to reign in your associations with co-workers and clients or customers. Because you project a loving heart and happiness, they are drawn to you on a deep unconscious level. Your gratitude projects positive energy to others and your smile is genuine. This will bring new business and new opportunity into your life and you will prosper from it. That contract or agreement comes through for you.

Regarding romance: If you are still single you are focused on the idea of true love and commitment that leads to marriage and you envision this "happily ever after" life pictured in this card. You plan on popping the question or refreshing or renewing your commitment or vows.

Regarding your health: Your health improves and your physical problems disappear because of your new sense of calm and happiness. Gratitude and love are at the heart of your power. Avoid the foods and drugs with toxins and be more aware of what you are eating.

Ten of Cups

General Advice: Embrace this feeling of love and gratitude and hold on to it as you move forward toward that vision of the life you want. Have no doubts that it will be yours, but don't just assume it will happen without a little work and planning.

REVERSED: Do not sit and think that you will never be happy. Begin today by being grateful for that which you have right in front of you and project your loving heart outward to the world and it will draw loving people into your life like a magnet. It must be genuine not forced. Genuine means to give love without demanding or expecting anything in return. Good works will not bring you the life you want, good feelings, good thoughts, and loving energy will.







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