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Page of Cups

Page of Cups

Description: -
A young girl is distracted by her reflection in the pool as fire flies or fairies dance around her. A golden cup sits in front of her next to a bunch of pink flowers and a water fall is in the back ground. Its a magical forest.

In a Reading: Pages usually represent a message or communication pertaining to what is represented by their suit. Cups represents love, so this is a message of love. This is about new love and could be a pregnancy or the birth of a child. Something new comes into your life that brings emotion and feelings of love. It is also about realizing a love for yourself and in loving yourself, you learn to love others.

Regarding your occupation: A message arrives that you have been waiting for and a new emotional energy surges into your life that draws you towards a different kind of career or job that takes you to the place you long to be. You are renewed and awakened with ideas and energized. If the job feels right then go for it. If you are stuck in a job you hate, the sooner you get out of it the better. Follow the path of the heart and find what makes you happy.

Regarding romance: A new relationship or news concerning a current relationship brings excitement into your life and now things fall together the way you want. You and your love may decide to renew your commitment or move in together or take the next step in the relationship.

Regarding your health: Not only your thoughts, but more importantly, your emotions will show up in your body, particularly your legs and feet. Listen to and pay attention to your body and how it reacts to your emotional state before popping that pill or running to the doctor. Forgiveness heals you and if you forgive someone who has hurt you it will free you from that negative entanglement. Apologize to someone you have hurt and this will unload that burden you have carried. If this card is coupled with the Empress, you may be pregnant.

Page of Cups

General Advice: Seek your authentic self and your true path and be true to your feelings. Don't lose sight of your emotional signals as they are telling you something. Let your heart lead the way in this matter. Follow what your feelings and what interests you and you will find your purpose.

REVERSED:Look for guidance from within and do something to boost your self esteem and avoid thinking negative about yourself and your appearance. Get your hair done and dress up and look pretty for that significant other or just for yourself. You will notice how you will turn heads when you put in just a little effort in your appearance.







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