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Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Description: -
A knight gives his horse, his golden chalice and his heart to his lady as the roaring ocean waves beat against the shore.

This knight's focus is on emotion and romance and being in love with love. His energy is the knight in shinning armor and he will dazzle his love with visions of a perfect life with a twinkle in his eye, and charm you with smiles and gifts. He is caught up in his own performance and wants to create the perfect impression and love story. If he gets annoyed or disenchanted he is likely to disappear without a word. He is a warm hearted dreamer but can be easily distracted by the next pretty face. He is ruled by his heart rather than his head and his heart can be fickle. Is this your energy?

In a Reading: An emotional experience moves into your life that you were not expecting. A message of good news is headed your way. As fleeting as it may be, it will change your thinking and your perspective. This card represents the path of the heart and the kind of experience that will ultimately lift your spirits and could change your beliefs and opinions about love and commitment. If this energy is not recognized in your life, or if you ignore it, it could turn up in the form of a person with these charming qualities.

Regarding your occupation: If you approach your projects in a creative and intuitive way, following your feelings, your work and conditions will vastly improve. This is the energy that uses less logic and more emotion. Less seriousness, and more flare. If you display any emotion, let it be positive and uplifting rather than being a drama queen. Refuse to let others bring you down, just press forward with confidence and take pride in your accomplishments.

Regarding romance: If you are not involved with anyone you will soon be and this will light up your life. You may be swept off your feet, and you will blossom and will soon notice attention from others of the opposite sex. This will be expressed in the form of flirtations. Don't let this go to your head because that special one who is for you may be watching in the wings. Travel will be involved and this will bring you and your love closer together and create wonderful experiences that increase the bond between you.

Regarding your health: Your new interest and attraction to the opposite sex brings a significant improvement in your health and energy. You may find it easier to slim down and you will benefit from any activity involving water. Swimming, skiing, or water therapy and massage may be involved. Think hard bodies scantily dressed. Love always brings improvement.

Knight of Cups

General Advice: By taking the path with heart you will be lead to the right place at the right time. Watch for signs and symbols in your dreams but also in your waking experiences. Your beliefs and emotions play a giant roll in creating your experiences, but you can consciously direct them to the place you want to be and write your own story. Listen to your inner voice that comes from the heart, not the voices in your head.

REVERSED: Do not miss out on the wonderful nourishing and emotional experiences and opportunities that surround you at this time by hiding from your feelings. Look up and enter life head on rather than waiting for life to happen to you. You are the director of your movie, not a spectator. Look up, look into peoples faces and smile.






The painting this card was created from is called La Belle Dame Sans Merci - Translated title: The Beautiful Lady Without Pity and was painted by Sir Frank Dicksee PRA, born in London on November 27 1853, he was trained at the Royal Academy Schools, where he won gold and silver medals, and exhibited his first picture in 1876. Oil on canvas, located at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery (Bristol, United Kingdom)

The Beautiful Lady without Pity












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