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Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Description: -
A woman in an elaborate green gown stands by a wall next to the ocean's turbulent waves and stormy clouds behind her. She holds a cup in one hand and a musical instrument in the other. In the distance, a large castle graces the fog; for what is a Queen without a castle?

In a Reading: As a person, this is a loving care giver, a mother, wife, or significant other who is all about love and nurturing. Her heart is overcome with compassion for others almost to a fault. She is unconditionally accepting of her children and has great patience. This energy centers around children and animals and concern for the environment. She is very intuitive, a psychic or a tarot card reader, and may be secretive about that or may practice it openly. She has a soft spot in her heart for strays, (both people and animals.)

Regarding your occupation: A new opportunity comes your way. It is work that satisfies you emotionally although you would be happiest working from your own home surrounded by your family, pets and plants but if you are working for someone else, you are a very hard worker, the best employee and a perfectionists who is probably underpaid as you are doing the work of two or three people. You will be missed when you leave, as no one can do the job as well as you. You would be the best person to work for, and would make a great boss, but you are such a good worker, they don't want you as the boss because then who would do the real work? You might then discover how little work the boss actually does.

Regarding romance: A passionate affair seizes you and dreams become a source of information as psychic energy abounds with this queen. You very often ignore your intuitive powers, afraid to know the whole of the truth, but when you want it, you can reach out and get it and they can run but they can't hide. You know it all. It is crucial that you keep all things honest and maintain your equilibrium and your calm so the passion does not devastate your heart or take over your life, as emotions run deep. Don't hold your secrets inside until they explode, maintain a regular dialogue about the situation with your significant other in an open and logical manner. Expose the games, and enjoy the ride.

Regarding your health: Stress and worry is the primary cause as your emotions and wild imaginings have a powerful impact on your overall health. The fear and anxiety held inside will manifest in your body and block the natural flow of energy. You will benefit from regular exercise, massage, walking, and eating fresh fruits and veggies on a regular basis. If the six of cups is paired with this card, it means that children are the source of the stress, but they may be the source of the stress anyway, even without it. Paired with the ace of cups, a new born, a kitten, puppy or a pregnancy may be in the story.

Queen of Cups

General Advice: Be aware of the emotional climate around you and do things that help you relax. Do something special for yourself. Nurture yourself for a change. Are you feeling loving or have you built up resentment for those you have taken advantage of your loving nature? Do you trust your heart or have you been hurt too many times? Have you received an intuitive message or are you ignoring that inner voice?

REVERSED: I'm going to say that if this card is reversed There may be something secretive and deceptive going on, or you are dealing with a woman who has been betrayed and who is looking for payback. Look at her carefully, as it is written all over her face, --unless, of course, she has perfected her acting skills over the years. If you have crossed her, (or she thinks you have) you will pay the price. Passion swings both ways, from love to hate. Think Dark Priestess.




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