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King of Cups

King of Cups

Description: -
A man wearing a plush coat stands contemplating and holding a golden cup, while a storm tosses the ocean waves around behind him. He is a king and his castle looms in the distance disappearing into the fog. He wears no crown because he does not need to flaunt his kingship. He is a man first and foremost. A musical instrument, another cup and various books sit on the table. He is a metaphysician or a preacher, a musician, cook or counselor.Whatever his profession, it reflects his passion.

In a Reading: He is something of a romantic and is a good listener with a quiet calm who maintains his composure and never seems nervous or tense. His emotions and compassion run very deep. He is diplomatic and keeps his head in a crisis. This king's energy is the energy at work or the energy you are being asked to adopt in this situation. If you lack these traits and need them, the energy may appear in your life as a person to teach you and show you the way and to diffuse a tense situation.

Regarding your occupation: You work out of your home or are making steps to start doing so, but profit is not your primary motivation. You want more satisfying and creative work, something that you actually enjoy. Your home business flourishes and you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning and start the day. You realize that money is simply energy and you notice that the universe seems to provide you with whatever you need to accomplish what you set your mind to do. You take clues from your feelings and intuition and synchronicity leads to to new opportunities. Lucrative self employment you enjoy is your goal.

Regarding romance: Through your business pursuits and other creative activities you meet someone connected or related to water sports, boating or swimming, etc. Your mood is friendly and flirtatious and it draws people to you like a magnet. If you are already involved, you reach a new level of understanding and renew vows and promises, or make plans for a collaboration or partnership of some kind. Maybe even marriage, especially if this card is paired with the four of wands.

Regarding your health: You love massage therapy and foot reflexology and most any kind of touchy feeling healing methods. Take up swimming and get your significant other to rub sun screen all over you. Relax by a lake or at the beach as the water has a healing effect on you.

King of Cups

General Advice:This card asks you to respond calmly in a crisis, and use diplomacy rather than force in this situation. Be tolerant of all points of view and show patience in trying situations. Reach out to the energy of this King and adopt it as your own.

REVERSED: Don't loose your true nature and your compassion for others because of fatigue or ill health. Instead, turn your talents towards healing yourself and heal your own wounds. You are much to valuable to others to loose yourself to the dark side.






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