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Two of Cups

Two of Cups

Two of Cups. Hearts are pounding. The woman is plucking the peddles of a flower as if she is saying, "He loves me, he loves me not..."The Painting is called "The Old old Story" by John William Godward.

In a reading: A partnership is indicated. Marriage, after all, is also a partnership, and has been associated with business partnerships for centuries. Marriage is about community property and financial partnerships involving two people who join to live the rest of their lives together and raise a family. While the two of cups does not have to be about marriage, it is definitely about a partnership.

In many ways this card is more indicative of a relationship that could lead to marriage than the lovers card. In this picture, notice that the woman is holding a flower from which she plucks peddles one by one. Is she asking the question, "He loves me, he loves me not?" Often marriage can be more of a financial arrangement between two people. Will there be love involved? Perhaps that is what the woman in the picture is asking as she plucks the peddles of the flower..

The difference between this card and the lovers is that this one is about a meeting between two people (or two groups) that will become a partnership while the lovers introduces a situation where a choice has to be made. There is a lot of conflict and drama going on in the lovers card. There is no such conflict with the two of cups. While there is no guarantee that this will be a lasting relationship, the key word for this card is "partnership."

Regarding your occupation: Expect smooth sailing at your work or business. Partnerships are highlighted. Your environment is harmonious and pleasant. Contracts are made to the benefit of both parities. Good luck follows right thinking and investments flourish. You will get the job you are after, you will be accepted into the group or college you applied to.

Regarding Romance: A sexual attraction seems irresistible at your first encounter, its like the meeting of you and your soul mate. You follow the natural course of this energy and move in with your significant other or decide to get married and make the partnership a legal one.

Regarding your health: A remission of any ailment you are experiencing occurs and your health improves. Focus on providing your body with the fuel it needs and care for it as a delicate machine that houses your soul. Don't just expect your body to function perfectly if you do not take care of it. Fuel it with real food like fruits and veggies and protein. Drink pure water, breathe pure air, quit or cut down on smoking. Do some range of motion exercises and stretching. Cut down on processed foods and sugar. Now that you are feeling better, do the things that will maintain that condition.

Two of Cups, Infinite Visions Tarot
General Advice:
 Two heads are better than one and uniting with another who thinks along the same lines as you do will ignite synergy and new ideas. The key word for this card is "partnership."

Reversed: You meet someone but it just does not click. A partnership you thought you had does not work out in the love department. Don't discount the possibility of some kind of other partnership. Just be true to yourself. Don't burn any bridges.

The Painting: "The Old old Story" by John William Godward (9 August 1861 – 13 December 1922) He was an English painter from the end of the Pre-Raphaelite / Neo-Classicist era.






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