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Three of Cups

Three of Cups

In this picture, we have what appears to be a celebration. There is dancing, music, drinking, and people enjoying the event, whatever it is. The girl in the foreground could be a bride, or she could represent someone in the reading. This could be a wedding, reunion, or just a party.

"Its party time!" The key word I use for the three of cups is "celebration." I also use the expression Being cups, this get together is a meeting of friends and family. Any occasion where people celebrate together can be indicated by the Three of Cups. This includes holidays, birthdays, weddings, reunions and any family get together with close friends and the people we love.

Regarding your occupation: The work situation is festive. Perhaps an office party or company banquet is in the making. It could be a time for raises and bonuses, or someone is celebrating a promotion, birthday or some kind of company or personal accomplishment. An atmosphere of success is being promoted, and the money situation is easy come and easy go. But this time of celebration is not permanent, soon it will be time to get back to work.

Regarding Romance: Love can be a real high and the celebration is not only in your heart but it carries over into your daily life. The joy of good times and happiness is shared by family and friends. Its party time! If you are not currently involved, you meet someone at a party, gathering or wedding. If you are involved or committed, you and your significant other may decide to celebrate and announce your plans to exchange vows or get engaged at a lavish gathering of family and friends.

Regarding your health: You don't have any apparent health problems and you feel fine, but you may be thinking that you need to improve your diet and cut down on some of your indulgences. Your ideas of how to have fun and celebrate are changing.

Three of Cups, Infinite Visions Tarot



General Advice: Don't forget to celebrate and reward yourself for your accomplishments. Enjoy your friends and family when you get the chance, life is not always just about work.

Reversed: Sometimes family gatherings and office parties can be stressful. Remember the purpose is to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. Don't stress out over it. Put your issues on the shelf along with your work and enjoy time with friends and family. It would help to focus on them instead of yourself and your own issues. If inquiring about a holiday event or reunion, a reverse card could indicate problems.



The painting this card was created from was by Edmund Blair Leighton,1889, and called Fame (Faded Laurels)
























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