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Six of Cups

Six of Cups

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A woman leans against the wall of her castle balcony gazing into a foggy midst over the ocean where a vision of her childhood emerges. There is a young boy offering a cup of water to a young girl who holds onto her heart with both hands as if to protect it from the harm of her first crush. Behind the boy a faucet protrudes from the wall and gushes water into a large bowel. At the boy's feet there are five more cups. They form a crown or halo around the woman's head as she dreams of her past. She is held hostage by memories of happier times.

In a Reading: Often after coming out of the emotional trauma suggested by the Five of Cups, a person will sometimes turn to familiar memories of happy times and childhood. The Six of cups is not about the past, but it is about remembering the past and taking a trip down memory lane to the present moment and then to thoughts of the future. There is nothing wrong with revisiting the past and taking that journey, as long as you don't get stuck there and miss the current moment. You may be missing an opportunity in the present if you are dwelling in the past. Nostalgia us only useful for its power to transform the present moment and clarify intentions and purpose as it serves to put you on a more positive future path.

Regarding your occupation: You are drawn to creative occupations that have to do with sentiment and happy memories of childhood or history and the past in general. In business or in sales, you will be successful utilizing nostalgia and collectable's or restoring old furniture, greeting cards, photo albums, toys, pawn shops etc .Look for a job that has to do with sentiment and feeling. Be alert for someone you worked with in the past showing up which may involve a new opportunity. Also, if you are applying for a job, approach it with heart and feeling more so than an impressive resume. If your boss doesn't like you, your qualifications won't matter. If you are an artist, paintings of the past that kindle nostalgia, or portraits of pets will do well at the art fair.

Regarding romance: Someone from your past keeps popping into your mind, or they will show up at your door. Bare in mind that this card is associated with sex and fertility and the condition is ripe for a sexual attraction and encounter. You could run into a past lover and find that the chemistry is still there. Thoughts of a past love affair get you thinking about taking the initiative toward creating some new memories, perhaps with someone you just met who seems very familiar to you.

Regarding your health: Pain and emotional problems surfacing now probably have roots in your past or even a past life. If you are experiencing an unexplained phobia, you should face it rather than run away from it. Before you go to sleep at night, ask for a dream that will help your revisit that and heal this symptom for more clarity. Visiting the place (or one like it), where you found answers to problems in the past will result in a remission.

Six of Cups, Infinite Visions Tarot

General Advice: While you may find comfort and solace thinking of the past, remember that the present moment is in need of a designer. Make the most of each moment and don't dwell too long in the past. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities of the moment for it is in the moment that you live. You cannot live in the future or in the past. Your point of power and your experience and life is now.

REVERSED: Dwelling on past mistakes or regrets does nothing to improve your mood or help you move forward. As long as you are in the past, think about the happy times and then imagine how you can create some good memories today to think about tomorrow.



Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau




The Painting: "Judgement Of Paris: By Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau

The Hostage, Edmund Blair Leighton

"The Hostage"
by Edmund Blair Leighton(21 September 1852 – 1 September 1922) was an English painter of historical genre scenes, specializing in Regency and medieval subjects.

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