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Eight of cups

Eight of Cups

Description: -
A man on a white horse rides out into the fog, leaving behind him his home where eight cups sit upright on the steps. He seeks a new adventure. He is leaving the past behind.

In a Reading: You are leaving a situation that no longer serves your spiritual growth. You may be feeling fatigued or just tired or bored with the current situation. Where there is no growth there is decay. You have lost interest and are looking for new inspiration and challenges. You are in between stages, and you may not know exactly what you want, but you know you are ready for change.

Regarding your occupation: You have reached the point in your current job or occupation that leaves you unchallenged and in a rut. You are silently singing "Take this job and shove it" to yourself as you are ready for something different. You wanting to seek something that feeds your spirit and you know if you do not, you will sink deeper into unhappiness, yet you hesitate to just quit. You need to take action and start putting out feelers for something different or you may begin work on some sort of self employment in your spare time.

Regarding romance: Although there is nothing horribly wrong with your current relationship, it is not fulfilling you and you have reached a very obvious fork in the road. This long term relationship is ending and you are eager to move on with your life. It is time to go, as the relationship has come full circle. There is nothing more in it for either of you. It will be sad, but try to leave on good terms. It is necessary and best for the both of you for your spiritual growth.

Regarding your health: Your thoughts effect your current health situation and wreak havoc as you experience depression, uncertainty and stress concerning the future. It is time now, for you to change your life and change your thoughts towards what is your true authentic self and find and follow your true purpose with focus and dedication. You can gain clues to your purpose by paying attention to what makes you feel good and what excites you. You need to spend time in silence with yourself and away from television, games, computers, noise and chaos. Meditate and seek at least two hours a day in silence to give your brain time to organize and regroup. Seek natural remedies, drink pure water and eat real food.

Eight of Cups


General Advice: Put aside your tendency to over think the situation and refuse to let anyone hang a guilt trip on you for seeking your purpose and being your authentic self. You don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Just be true and find your path to happiness.

REVERSED: You really want to leave but something is weighing heavily on your shoulders. Be it guilt or fear, find a way to deal with that and begin today making a plan for your escape. Your sanity and your happiness depend on doing this. Seek time alone in silence where you can sort things out without the chaos and manipulation bombarding you day in and day out.




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