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Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups

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A man with a white beard (who looks like Santa) has apparently rubbed a magic lamp and a genie is offering to grant his wish. This is the card of "great fortune." It is the wish card, and a wish you have had is answered. It might also pertain to too much of a good thing, but you should take some time to enjoy your good luck.

In a Reading: Relax and enjoy a good time because your wish comes true and you are rewarded for all the time and energy that you have put into your project. You will enjoy a lot of satisfaction after attaining your goal, but guard against overindulgence and stay focused on the big picture.

Regarding your occupation: Your dream job lands in your lap or an unexpected meeting brings good fortune. A project you were struggling with suddenly moves forward and shows results.

Regarding romance: The person you need at this point in your life will suddenly appear on the scene if you are alert and getting out. It is unlikely they will come knocking at your door, but stranger things have happened. Attend social gatherings and parties and keep moving and getting around meeting people and synchronicity will bring you together. If opportunity for that vacation pops up, don't postpone. Get out there and be sure to look your very best.

Regarding your health: Inner calm and contentment will infuse you with positive energy and you will ensure your physical well being as long as you avoid self- indulgence and stop looking for that magic pill to cure everything. Nurture your entire body, stretch, eat fresh food, drink pure water, meditate, relax, soak in the hot tub. Don't be lazy when it comes to your health.

Nine of Cups

General Advice: Ask for what you want, and know what it is. You will never get what you want if you don't know what it is. Know what you want, and visualizing (realizing) that it is already yours will bring it into your awareness. Intend to make use of it, and pay attention because it will find you so don't overlook it when it does. Write you story and then live it.

REVERSED:Wishing and hoping and then visualizing (imagining) not getting it will reduce any chances of getting what you want. Self pity will melt any chance of getting your wish, so change your thinking and EXPECT to get what you want. Magic is in the air and you can turn this energy around and use it to your advantage. The universe is waiting for you to decide what you want.







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