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History: (by Gloria Jean) Since its creation, this home published deck has gone through quite a few changes. Originally it was created for my personal use, and later a lot of work had to be put into this project in order to share these cards with others. In the beginning they were printed and laminated at home and cut by hand. They were small decks and sold for $90.00 due to the huge amount of work it took to make each one.

Later, the decks were printed by a local print shop, but still had to be laminated and cut by hand. Eventually I found a print shop that had special ink and paper and the decks no longer required the laminating, but I was still cutting them by hand. I then arranged to have the decks cut, but still had to cut the corners, and smooth any rough edges. I also designed and made boxes for the decks, and wrote the LWB.

The deck has always been more expensive than your average mass produced decks because of all the work it took to produce the final product, and I reduced the price for the small deck to $78.00 when the production became easier.

Self publishing is definitely a labor of love and can be time consuming, and although I would rather be painting or working on another creative project I have greatly enjoyed my work on this deck. I will continue to offer the deck for sale and will probably continue to make improvements when I can.

I have discontinued the small deck and the large deck will be a little taller. It is the traditional tarot card size. and will be printed in small quantities. This deck is 2.75 inches wide and 4.75 inches high. The card stock is thicker. Some of the images on the cards have been improved and the new edition is 1/4" taller than the previous large deck that sold for $125.00.

I would like to thank everyone who has purchased Infinite Visions Tarot, I truly do appreciate you and I am glad I can continue to share and offer these decks and to improve them.

Each deck comes with a LWB (little white book) which includes instructions for doing a one card reading, dispensing a bit of general advice, to include both upright and reversed interpretations. The deck will include a certificate of authenticity with a number.

Infinite Visions Tarot is an on-going project as I continue to write the interpretations for the cards to publish on this web site.

Infinite Visions Tarot is a self-published tarot deck designed by Gloria Jean, an artist and tarot card enthusiast living in Colorado. The cards were digitally created from images of the art of the Old Masters.

Infinite Visions Tarot follows the traditions of the RWS Tarot system pretty closely (even though it's not merely a clone or a "look-alike" of Rider Waite Smith tradition), so it is a deck that a beginner can use and enjoy.  Any level of Tarot experience can appreciate this dec


Infinite Visions Tarot is a self-published tarot deck designed by Gloria Jean, an artist living in Southeast Colorado. The cards were digitally designed using images from the art of the Old Masters. The cards are 2.75" X 4.75, and the images are borderless. Both the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana are fully illustrated in this deck.. The beauty and detail you see in the Major cards is also present in the Minors which are divided into four suits. These suits are the wands, swords, pentacles and cups. Each suit is numbered from one to ten and has four court cards, which are the Page, Knight, Queen and King.