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Gloria Jean, Infinite Visions Tarot, the Fool The Fool:
Infinite visions Tarot card description:
The Fool is pictured as a  barefoot young man standing on the edge of a cliff, one foot half off the edge. He wears a red smock draped over one shoulder that reaches to his knees. He braces himself against the rock wall and there is a walking stick leaning on the cliff behind him.  Several dead birds are attached to his black cloth belt. He is reaching for a shining orb or star which he can almost touch. The sky behind him is a universe of stars, nebula, and stardust.

He is the beginner who embraces life and charges forward with faith and purity of action. He acts on instinct and desire rather than experience. He is an innocent who embraces life with an open mind and fearless exuberance. In the eyes of the fool, all things are possible. He believes that everything will work out, but is not always prepared. He often acts in an unrealistic or irresponsible manner. This could be irritating to people who take an interest in his welfare and want to help.  If he is focused and determined to do things his own way, he may not be open for advice. If he asks for advice, he will consider it but will make his own decisions.

This is a new beginning for you and you take risks that may alarm your family and friends. They are likely to express their opinions which sound negative or critical.  Ask yourself how much knowledge and experience you have before jumping blindly into anything. Look for the pitfalls that may be ahead and be prepared. This adventure can be great or it can be a disaster, depending on how prepared you are.  Learning from mistakes will speed up your journey to success.  The fool who does not learn from his mistakes remains a fool and won't move to the next level, which is the magician. The Fool's success has been called "dumb luck"  but it is the lack of any idea of failure that allows the positive force to manifest naturally.

Regarding occupation:You find a new job or begin a new project. Travel and adventure are involved. Your confidence and enthusiasm benefits you and infects others involved. New financial opportunities appear in your life.  Trust in the flow as you head down this path. You will be happy when you work at something you are passionate about or interested in. If you feel excitement and joy, go for it, but if you have a feeling of dread or doubt, then you should take a step back and reconsider.  It is time to learn and develop some new skills as they will greatly come in handy in the near future. Keep your eyes open. Be the best you can be, don't sluff off.

Regarding Romance: You may be wanting to take a chance on a new relationship and the attraction is overpowering, but you cannot see the whole picture. You are not ready for a commitment, and you may be feeling pressured into one. It feels like a trap. You are having too much fun to be tied down. Starting a family is the furthest thing from your mind so use caution. The best thing to do in this situation is, to be honest, and be aware of your feelings. Trust your instincts and listen to your true inner voice.  Words like: "Joy, happiness, comfort," are good, but words like: fear, doubt, dread, suspicion, jealousy, anger, are not so good.

Regarding your health:You discover more natural alternative treatments for a lingering problem that gives you new awareness and energy, or you see a new doctor and decide to embark on an exciting journey to renew your health and vitality. You discover that a positive attitude can directly affect your health and energy. Use the power of your mind and make a decision to be well. Your thoughts will directly affect your well being and health.

General Advice: Reaching for your dream does not mean you should throw caution to the wind or allow yourself to be blind to the perils of the rocky cliffs you are about to traverse. Follow your passion for this new adventure but open your eyes and look where you are going. It is time to focus and make a plan.

Is the fool wise? Sometimes he is, sometimes he isn't. What ever choices you make, personal growth is the key when it comes to the fool. Believe in yourself and learn from your experiences.

Le Vertige, Idylle 1867

The Painting:

"Le Vertige, Idylle"
By Emile  Levy
French Artist 
born 1826- died 1890