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The Wheel of Fortune, Infinite Visions TarotThe Wheel of Fortune

Card Description:
A galaxy spins in space as the wheel of life is spun by the lady of fate. The wheel is represented by the flower of life, a sacred geometry symbol. Caught up in the outer rim of the wheel a woman is rising to the occasion. The wheel of fortune turns and fate temps us in a new direction.

The meaning of the Wheel of Fortune: The hub of the wheel relates to the stability, but the outer rim means change and taking a gamble on life.

But don't blame fate for your predicaments, she is your higher self coaxing you in new directions so you can learn what you came here to learn. When the wheel turns, it is usually to your advantage.

In a Reading: Things seem to be picking up and moving right along but you are the only person who can really decide and your daily decisions have brought you to where you are. The nudging from the lady of fate will be gentle at first, but if you don't move, there are other ways to get you going. Don't wait for forced changes to crash into your life, listen to the whispers of the wheel of Fortune now and prepare to follow your purpose.

Regarding occupation: This is a new cycle which may entail massive changes in your occupation or job. It may look risky to you but your heart yearns for something different. You are the only person holding you back so don't make excuses or let fear determine your staying in a rut. There is more to you and to your life than the material world and rat race, you want to do something meaningful and exciting.

Regarding Romance: If you feel stuck in a rut and are spinning your wheels, it is because there is a restless wind blowing through your life that is keeping you distracted. It is a yearning for more, or for change. This is a time when some people throw out all their furniture and get something different and new. An old or current relationship no longer meets your needs; release it or reevaluate it.

If you are not involved, think about what you are looking for and what you actually want before you spend time and energy flailing about the social scene. Take the risk if it feels right and accept that blind date and meet new friends for dinner. Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Move around and expect to find the person you imagine you want and one who will reflect the new you. You will attract the kind of energy you are putting out.

Regarding your health: The wheel of fortune represents change and any resistance to this change can cause emotional and mental imbalances. Don't suppress your emotions, open up and be true to yourself and defend what you believe.

Move and exercise and do some deep but natural breathing and stretching. Be flexible in body and mind. You will benefit from yoga, stretching and walking. Get rid of out dated eating habits and do some research on nutrition, then decide what is best for you by listening to how your body responds. You will feel better if you eat clean and eat less.

The wheel of fortune

Advice: Don't hesitate to follow the whisper of the Wheel as you walk through a new door of opportunity. It is time for that good karma to return to you, accept it with confidence and gratitude.

Take a moment to think about this new stirring that is just beginning to tempt your life into a different direction. It begins as a few distractions but if you don't pay attention to what is happening soon all chaos will break loose. Get your head out of the television or computer and look around. Pay attention to what is manifesting in your life and don't miss that gem of an opportunity that is right in front of you.


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