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Justice, Infinite Visions Tarot


Card Description:
The figure of Justice is a traditional one as she stands on the world before a large pair of scales. I love this card. I guess that is why she graces the top of this website. She holds the sword of decision in her right hand and her left hand rests over her heart, for sometimes although a decision is fair, it hits close to the heart. Her eyes are not blindfolded, but she places her focus on a star floating just above her head. That star represents the higher laws that she is bound by.

The Meaning of Justice: The astrological counterpart of Justice is Libra, the scales. When this card appears it may be a signal to do what needs to be done or a message that an outcome is beginning to manifest. The scales are about balance and harmony. This card is about karmic or legal justice, not social justice, which is the realm of the Emperor. The influence of this card is objective and detached. The message tells us to be sure to weigh all factors in order to render an equitable decision.

In a Reading: Until judgment is reached, your daily activity may be suspended. This moment is a short one and denotes the changing of a cycle or a turn of events. This card indicates that conflicts will be resolved and harmony will reign. If you are having legal problems, a judgment will probably be in your favor, but above all it will be fair. You get what you believe you deserve. Whether or not you can see it, justice is the law of cause and effect, karma, and consequences. It is fair and exacting. It is an impersonal law and takes no favorites. Justice tells you to deal fairly with others and you will receive a fair deal in exchange.

Regarding occupation: Balance between your career and home situation needs to be evaluated and you may need to rearrange your priorities. Step back and look at the two sides of the issue and see what you can do to balance your attention and activities.. Create a very clear picture of what you want in your mind, not only in your work life but in your entire life across the board, and focus time on each of those goals. Financially, a contract arrives or a legal judgment is in your favor that lifts you out of the financial straits you have been facing. It could be an unexpected windfall that shows up just in time to will tide you over.

Regarding Romance: If your question is about romance this card indicates the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is about contracts being made or broken, like marriage, legal separation or divorce. Look to other cards for specifics. You should concentrate on the quality of future relationships rather than the quantity. . If you remain firm in your convictions and what you will or will not abide, you will find it a lot easier to navigate the dating scene and obtain your hearts desire. Above all, you must be honest in representing your true self to others. Stay clear about who you are in your own mind.

Regarding your health: Again with this card is about balance and the law. You may need more balance in your life where your health is concerned.. This kind of balance requires conviction and the use of your will power. Are you eating too much or working too hard or not getting enough exercise? Put some routine back into your life and put your health and energy as a priority and the rest will come easier. Focus on every area of your health not just one area. Are you exercising and yet letting your teeth go untreated?

Justice, LibraAdvice: Focus on the present moment and on what you are doing or accomplishing. You must continue to revisit the state of balance in your life. Organize your time between the important things in your life and don’t get mesmerized into a single activity or bad habit, like binging on certain foods, or spending too much meaningless time on the computer or in front of the television.

Realize and take responsibility for the situation and for your actions and thoughts because these are what brought you to this moment. You are in between cycles right now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not yet unfolded. Be in the moment and pay attention. That is where your power lies.. You know what is right. Always do the right thing and be fair in your dealings with others. Realize there are consequences to every thought, deed and action. Even an attitude you hold can greatly effect the unfoldment of the very next moment in front of you.

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