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The Hanged Man, Infinite Visions TarotThe Hanged Man

Card Description:
A man hangs from vines, on a rocky cliff. His hands are resting on some rocks. Below him is the unknown, perhaps a bottomless abyss.

Meaning of the Hanged Man: is about giving up the struggle and surrendering perceived control of the situation. It is where we find peace and a timeless stillness within. The lesson of the hanged man is that we win by letting go of the struggle, and that is where we find peace. Think transition, postponed plans and a life in suspension, stagnation and frustration. The hanged man is the nonconformist of the Major Arcana. He stands on principle and is unresponsive to anyone else's opinion, he will go his own way and does what he thinks is best regardless of the consequences.

In a Reading: This is the end of the struggle when you have accepted what is and this brings inner peace which allows you to look at the situation from a different point of view; one that is not so caught up and stressed out from trying to control everything. You realize that you are not the manager of the entire world and you can't fix everything. You step back from the fracas and sacrifice your part in it, for the good of all. In this state of mind, enlightenment comes with peace.

Regarding your occupation: Negotiations are stalled and there won't be any word about getting a raise or promotion. You may be tempted to complain and play the martyr like the rest of the hive, but resist that temptation. This situation is only temporary and things will change. Be on the watch for a turn around in your own point of view and keep your mind open. Release some ideas and associations that are obsolete and make way for change. Once your perspective changes, everything will begin to move forward again. You will know it when it does if you pay attention and keep your eyes and ears open.

Regarding Romance:You feelings of loneliness and isolation are only temporary and even though you are stuck in neutral it won't last.. Look at the situation from your partner's point of view or any potential partner. What do you have to offer them? Once you attempt to look at yourself through the eyes of someone else, an answer that has eluded you will become clear.

Regarding your health: Try a new approach to a long term health problem, and change doctors if necessary. Look into alternative treatment and therapy. Take it a day at a time and your condition will improve a little at a time. Go slow and be conscious about what you eat.

Hanged Man

Advice: Accept what is, and know that abundance is everywhere and will come to the one who operates with creative calm. Let go of negative beliefs and you can turn your life around.

Make sure you avoid having a victim consciousness this situation is not permanent. You may be stuck in a rut because of your rigid ideas. If no one seems to agree with you try to see things from their point of view. They have have moved on while you haven't.

He who is in a hurry is operating in the competitive state of mind and not the creative state. The competitive state of mind assumes there is a limited supply and limited time. Relax, have faith, accept what is, then enlightenment will be yours.



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