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Death, Infinite Visions TarotDeath

Card Description:
A ghostly figure of a woman walks through a door from a cemetery and into the the light on the other side. Behind her there is darkness, grave stones and fog, in front of her the light represents the unknown but the light is a welcome sight.

I liked this as the death card because death is a transition from one place to another, and the energy of this card is about change that will take us into a different place.

Meaning of Death: This is definitely a card that represents an ending. Its over. The bridge you just crossed is burning. There is no going back.

With death comes rebirth or reawakening. The world behind you is over. The new world is your rebirth into something different.

In a reading: In readings, death represents important endings or forced change. It signals the end of an era. Death represents that which is inevitable and inescapable. When the death card appears in a reading, be prepared for change that is necessary. If you are holding onto a situation because you are afraid of the future and this card appears it is telling you that superficial changes are not enough now. The old situation must be turned inside out, and the changes will seem devastating and hopeless. Then, suddenly your situation improves and you can breathe again.

Regarding occupation: If you are asking about your job, this card means that your job is coming to an end. This could mean layoff or getting fired. This is probably a job that you dislike anyway but have been unwilling to leave just because you needed the income. You can use this change to seek out a new career. Look for something that you like to do. Ultimately you will benefit from this change. Use visualization and take appropriate action to find the career you want.

Regarding Romance: If its not already obvious that the relationship is over, it should be. The card is telling you that things are changing or need to change. You end the relationship because you have outgrown it. Letting go is always difficult but hanging on will not be beneficial to either party. Its time to move on.

Regarding your health: Take care of health problems as they arise. Your chronic health problems are a message from your inner self to pay attention to your body and your lifestyle and give it the care it deserves. Physical symptoms often associated with this card are constipation, addiction, root canals, migraines or surgeries. You need to free yourself from certain restrictive situations that have you all stressed out. Take care of what ails you and think about changing your lifestyle and some of your unhealthy habits.

DeathGeneral Advice:Now is the time for you to begin your transformation as you release situations and relationships that no longer serve your higher purpose. It is important now that you make the changes that are required to advance spiritually, emotionally and physically. Set yourself free from all that restrict you and put some faith in your higher self who is coaxing you in a new direction. If you are drawing the wheel of fortune card lately, this is a sign that it is time for changes.

Don't be afraid of change. Don't run away or try to hide from it. Embrace it when it comes and take it under your power. You can make the decisions you know you must make or they will be made for you.

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