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Temperance, Infinite Visions TarotTemperance

Card Description:
A soldier waits patiently and eagerly as a woman mixes a potion for him. Next to her on the arm of the chair is a mortar and pedestal for grinding ingredients for her secret potions. On the floor are books, a glass of liquid, a piece of bread and a pitcher. There is a bowl being heated by a flame on her right. Looking through the window a man and woman on the deck or patio, embrace. Perhaps the woman in red is mixing a love potion, or perhaps it is potion for good health.

Meaning of Temperance: When illness and disease are a concern, temperance holds out the promise of vitality and well being. In some decks this card is called the Alchemist.

In a reading: This card indicates a need to mix or combine properly until you find what is right for you or for the situation. Temperance is quiet composure, calm in chaos, and balance in all things. When all about you are losing their heads or composure, there is temperance, calm and quiet. It is also about compromise and tolerance for opinions different than yours.

Compromise for the sake of the relationship is a trait of temperance. She finds the right mixture of the perfect ingredients to make things work. 

Regarding occupation: Your boss or a coworker can be trying at times; but ignore it and go about your own business and don't get caught up with office politics and gossip. Look for better ways of doing your job and create a relaxed work atmosphere. Stressful tasks can be accomplished with ease if you take your time and be methodical. Do it well and you won't have to do it over. Cooperation and forgiveness will go a long way. Financially, you are tired of waiting for that raise or promotion and you have not had any luck winning the lottery. Use your creative imagination to get what you want or negotiate with with someone to get what you have earned.

Regarding Romance: If you are single, don't rush impulsively into a new relationship. Take time to get to know the person before you commit yourself to a deepening involvement. Your blend of compassion, and cooperation and ability to compromise for the benefit of both will create a bond with your significant other. Paying attention to your significant other will give you clues as to what should be added to the mix at just the right time.

Regarding your health: For your own health, moderation will improve it significantly. You have the gift of healing for others, but be sure you focus on health rather than symptoms of disease.


Advice: Compromise, balance, moderation and cooperation are vital in this situation. Do what it takes to eliminate stress and clear the body of harmful emotions. If you can't seem to change a negative attitude, use your will to place your attention on something that gives you joy and peace.

The key to your personal path lies in harmony and peace. If you focus your attention on what you desire, your higher self will hear your request and go to work to bring it to you.

People are comfortable around you because you have a calming nature.

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