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The Tower, Infinite Visions Tarot

The Tower

Card Description:
The Tower: From out of a dark and stormy sky comes a sea God with a trident. The tower is being brought down, not only by the storm but by the gods, which means that little can be done about this upheaval. The tower represents false beliefs and lies and the structures built on them. The truth will be revealed.

Meaning of theTower:The breaking apart of structures and the status quo that have kept you imprisoned and in the dark. Sudden and unexpected changes form the basis of the tower's meaning. It is the situation falling apart. It is a spectacle of calamity. The aftermath of the tower reveals the truth in the form of an Epiphany or spiritual awakening.

In a reading: This card is a wake up call or simply an upheaval that wakes you up. Does everything seem to be falling apart? Are routines breaking down? This event could manifest physically, such as your house being swept away by a tornado or flood. Even though this card portends to surprising and shocking events, it is about sweeping your life clean. New doors will open whether you are ready or not. Truth will be revealed, and enlightenment is inevitable

Regarding occupation: The news is not good. The truth is your current job isn’t really where you want to be or spend your life anyway and you know it, so don't cry to loud. . There may be layoffs. If your question was whether you will be fired, the answer is yes, this is where it is going if you don't turn it around somehow. You may be passed over for that promotion. You don’t get the job you applied for. The company you work for goes under,.. that sort of thing. However, this tragedy will now put you on the path you should be traveling anyway and you would have missed it completely if this had not happened. Your higher self has a way of jerking you onto the path where you can be happy, so make the decision to pursue happiness.

Finances: The Market plunges, fund for your projects are not there. Bankruptcy is considered. Just when things look very bleak, a creative spark ignites and serendipity rushes in. New financial opportunities show up.

Regarding Romance: In matters of a love, a bad or false relationship falls apart, as it should. This ending leads to new beginnings and these new beginnings are almost always improvements over the past and current situation. If you are stuck in a rut, you will soon be out of it. A stifling relationship is about to end. If you have not been able to leave on your own, something will happen that shoves you out of the situation. It is shocking at first, but you quickly realize that it was for the best and you get on with your life.

Regarding your health: Be careful, drive carefully, and don’t take risks. If you are in good health use caution to avoid injury from accidents. If you think swinging on a rope at the your favorite water hole might be fun, don’t do it until this card stops showing up. Sudden bizarre symptoms like high fevers or tremors may be a cause for concern. Be mindful of wildlife, spiders and snakebites. Surgery may be indicated especially if accompanied by the King of Swords. Your recovery will be swift and complete and will come with a valuable lesson learned.
he Tower, Infinite Visions Tarot

Advice: Advice: The collapse of existing conditions or situation brings a new opportunity and forces a fresh start, and it is one that begins with enlightenment and renewal, particularly if the Judgment card is near. The sooner you accept the situation for what it is, the sooner you get through or past it, and the sooner you can embark on this new and exciting direction.



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