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The Star, Infinite Visions TarotThe Star

Card Description:
A girl sits alone in the dark under a tree on a blanket holding her hand over her heart; her eyes are closed. An angel descends from a star and is touching her forehead imparting the light channeled through her from the star above.

Meaning of the Star: This card means more than hope. It addresses the power of unwavering faith. It is a message that says "Everything will be alright." It may come to you during trying times and even in the wake or the face of the tower or other disturbing events. When it does, it is a message of the divine truth and you surrender to this with faith.

This card speaks of the presence that says "I am always with you." It is a presence that watches, comforts and protects, and one that knows what is in the future and is there to guide you through it. When overcome with grief and despair, the presence of the star can be felt if you are open to it.

In a reading: The Star is a feeling of calm,renewal and healing that comes about through practical faith. Everything works the way it should. You are on the right track and going in the right direction. You show confidence and have belief in your goals. The more faith you have in the your ability to summon the universal creative forces and manifesting powers, the more positive your thoughts are and the more success will compound. Seeing is believing and believing improves your prospects of success. There is nothing to fear. You have an angel on your shoulder.

Regarding occupation: Follow your heart and your purpose with passion first and with a foundation of practical faith. Practical faith is natural faith, not contrived faith. If you are unhappy in your current job anticipate a turn for the better. Doors open and new opportunities appear out of nowhere. Good things happen. Like: your manuscript sells, your stock soars, your investments are profitable, your dream job lands in your lap. You attain your highest potential.

Regarding Romance: Synchronicity run rampant and someone special comes into your life. You receive guidance about a relationship, commitments are renewed, and dreams come true. You see new possibilities for the future. Don't over-think your good fortune. Things go very smoothly, and you should go with the flow and accept the goodness and abundance coming your way. Abundance is the natural flow of things and love is the natural state of things.

Regarding your health: Problems clear up overnight, a remission from a serious illness occurs, the miracle you have been hoping for manifests into your reality. Alternative therapies you have tried pay off and you benefit from relaxation and spas and from spending time with people you love. You begin to feel the mind body and spirit connection and how it all works.

The Star, Infinite Visions Tarot

Advice: The Start energy is your link to your higher self who is a more conscious version of yourself who watches over you at all times. You experience out of body travels and wake up feeling that you have been somewhere else.

Spread your joy and light to others as you have begun to channel the energy of the higher consciousness. This is the star that you wish upon and your wish is her command. It is your divine connection to your higher being and to the mind of God.

Stop for a moment and be still. Feel the presence of the divine self. The star represents that which guides you to your destination and through all the trials and tribulations of life. When you put your faith in this power and surrender to it, everything is as it should be. There is nothing to fear.

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