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The Moon, Infinite Visions TarotThe Moon

Card Description:
Three mysterious women sit in the nude beside a lake enjoying the full moon. In the background, a lone wolf howls as the face in the moon looks down at the earth.

Meaning of The Moon: While the High Priestess guards the door to the unconscious, the moon is the darkness and confusion that results when we encounter and fear the unknown. Confusion and fear of the unknown is the energy of the moon, and its no wonder. Their is still a lot of mystery in this world and the moon is one of the most mysterious things.

It is superstition and imaginings of the strangest kind. It is believing in illusions and not knowing reality from delusion. But the moon need not be frightening.

The moon connects you to the mystery of feminine spirit, emotions, and intuition. Pay attention to your dreams and that inner voice and your spiritual life will deepen. If you conquer your fears of these mysteries you will wield powerful magic.

In a reading: The moon represents superstition and fear of the unknown You may be having a problem sleeping because there is a lot going through your mind. You are worried about your family or the problems of the world. You feel that someone has let you down or even deceived you. Too much is unknown and mystery seems to be everywhere. Superstition and fear of the unknown hold you back. You need to identify and then face your fears in order to discover or decide what is real and what is illusion.

Regarding occupation: Mystery surrounds a business issue and you don’t have all the facts. Someone you work with is not telling the whole truth. Don’t make any decisions when there are mysterious circumstances involved. Loans are delayed. You are surrounded by women who engage in gossip. You may find a viable solution from one female among them who knows more than she appears to know. See if you can pick her out among the crowd.

Regarding Romance: Mystery is sometimes intriguing but your relationship is going through odd or unfamiliar phases. There are disappointments and disillusionments in your current affair but you work through them because of a psychic connection and attraction that you can’t sever. Logic may not work in finding the answer, so you should focus on intuition to solve the mystery and trust in your your feelings.

Regarding health: Have any lumps or cysts biopsied. You are prone to psychic premonitions about your physical condition and have the ability to be very in tune with your body so follow your intuition. If something does not feel right, then don’t do it. Pay attention to the effect certain food or pills have on how you feel. Explore alternative medicine and get a second or third opinion.

The Moon, Infinite Visions TarotAdvice: Your spiritual awareness widens and your mind expands as you experience strange synchronicity and lucid dreams, clairvoyance or clair audience, astral projection or past life flashes. Don’t be spooked by these, or let fear cause you to shrink from spiritual enlightenment.. Speak to your higher self for guidance.

If speaking to your higher self seems strange, then look to your feelings and your dreams for answers. Right now, logic and reason are not as useful as intuition and insight. One of the reasons you can't see the whole picture is because you are afraid to look closely at the details.





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