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The Sun, Infinite Visions TarotThe Sun

Card Description:
A boy child is the center of attention and is a divine looking angel child with wings as rays of the sun in the sky above reach down and touch his head, creating a halo. He is being adored by all who surround him. He represents divinity and purity. He is like a sun God, sent to bring light and enlightenment to all those around him.

The meaning of the Sun: The Sun is a card that brings enthusiasm, attainment, happiness, wealth and success. Victory is assured. You will not fail. It is about letting your light shine and being the center of attention. You feel empowered and your goals are clearer than they have ever been. You may travel to a warm climate. Success is assured with this energy. The feeling of this card is one of self assurance, feeling confidence and finding truth. It brings inspiration, warmth, excitement into your life.The opposite of the moon, this card brings clarity of purpose, and represents the mind awakening from sleep. You have survived the darkness and stepped into the light of who you truly are.

As a significator card you will find a person who shines out among his or her peers, who leads with confidence, who wants it all and accepts no less. They tend to want perfection. They thrive on attention and adoration. This personality also expects great things of himself (or herself) and has boundless energy. The person with the Sun personality can also be quite self centered or egotistical having an obsession with material success and recognition and loves nothing better than to be the center of attention. They might be a public speaker, a teacher, an actor, a politician.

Regarding Occupation: Success. You love your work. You get the job you want and you are appreciated for your productivity and creativity and recognized as a valuable member of the company. If there is travel associated with the work, you will go to a warm climate.

Regarding Romance: If you are single, someone new sails into you life and you and your love may travel to the Caribbean or Mediterranean or other warm climate. If you are already involved, you and your significant other resurrect your early passions. I second honey moon is a great idea. Suggest it.

Regarding Health: Your vitality is renewed and you feel contentment. You make an amazing recovery from what was ailing you. Your recent complaints seem to vanish overnight. Your mind has awakened from sleep and you come into contact with truth and light and over come your fears.

The Sun, Infinite Visions Tarot

Advice: You are most happy when you are in center stage and you can use your charisma and magnetic power of attraction to lead people down any path. Choose carefully where you are going because many will follow. You have come through the darkness and now you follow the light.


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