Infinite Visions Tarot

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Gloria Jean, Infinite Visions Tarot, High Priestess The High Priestess :
Infinite Visions tarot card description:

The High Priestess stands in front of an arch leading to a cloudy moonlit world where a bird flies out of the mist towards her.  The moon is full and shines brightly, and no cloud dares to pass in front of it. She carefully holds a mysterious golden box with both hands as if its contents were priceless.  She wears a jeweled crown and the ornate garb of a fairy queen.

WHO IS THE HIGH PRIESTESS?She could represent a mysterious woman in a man's life. Perhaps a femme fatale. Ultimately, she is the feminine archetype and guardian between conscious energy and the inner self.  She is intuition and inspiration. Her wisdom resides in the heart. She holds the secrets of the subconscious realms that are seldom brought to the surface in daily life. She embodies the feminine energy of the Empress who represents woman's role as mother and wife, but she connects you to the hidden secrets, psychic powers, lunar cycles and female mysteries.

IN A READING: Look beyond the obvious situation to see what might be hidden and obscure. There is something you are not seeing or a secret that eludes you.  Are you looking only on the surface of things? Think of the box she holds in her hands as the situation, and find out what is inside it. Delve deeper into your own psyche and listen to that inner voice. Pay attention to the signs around you as they all speak. The reason you aren't seeing clearly is that you are self-absorbed and preoccupied with your own concerns. You must forget yourself in order to open that box of secrets.

Regarding occupation:You may be surprised by a promotion, new job opportunity or a raise. You set yourself apart as a person who is serious about your work. A woman at your workplace who listens intently to everything and reveals nothing about herself may be collecting gossip. Don't reveal too much of yourself expecting her to do the same, as she will keep her secrets. Take care that your contribution stays focused on work and efficiency and you will come up with something that saves you time and leads to a bonus or a raise.  Curiosity killed the cat so don't get sucked into a purposeful trap or gossip

Regarding Romance: You play the waiting game because your significant other seems to have placed attention elsewhere. You feel you aren't hearing the full story and the mystery confounds you. You would like to have all of the facts and attention and know everything about what is going on but you are distracted and not thinking clearly. It is difficult to trust someone who seems to be holding something back. Take care not to obsess over it and try creating some mystery of your own. Work on developing your own strength of character and confidence.

Regarding your health:If you aren't comfortable with the prognosis then get a second opinion. Make your own decisions, and accept nothing at face value. Don't panic or rush into anything. You may not have all the information you need to make decisions about your treatment. Ask questions if you have them. Pay attention to how you feel. If it doesn't feel right at the gut level, don't go through with it. Heed your dreams and be alert for synchronicities that pertain to your health. Do some deep breathing and request a healing from within. Relieve stress in your life when it surfaces. Find ways to relax.  Have faith in yourself and listen to your body for clues.

General Advice:Learn to distinguish your inner voice from the mental chatter in your brain and trust your intuition. That voice is the part of you that sees more and knows more than you realize consciously because her view is from a different vantage point. This is the energy of the High Priestess. She is the link between your conscious thoughts and the subconscious.