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Judgement, Infinite Visions Tarot


In this card you will find a warrior sitting on his horse looking at a headstone in a graveyard. He seems to be in deep thought as he contemplates his life and inevitable death. His life experience has changed him and a ghostly figure rises from the grave stone and looks back at him. Above, a light in the sky shines down on him from the heavens. He is at a crossroad in his life. The name of this painting is "Crossroad."

Meaning of Judgment: This card is about judgment, but it is about self examination, for who better than ourselves can look back on our lives and know where we have been or ponder what we have done and learned and where we might go next?

In a reading: A crossroad and a spiritual awakening where you are entering a new phase of growth and enligtenment. You release the past and start fresh. The warrior in this picture contemplates his life and his death and ponders about how he wants to proceed from here.  He is changed on the inside, a new person, reborn in spirit.

This is the crossroads where you transform your future and your life. You have awaken and you realize you are not the same person. This is the feeling of being born again, and yet you are in the same skin.

Regarding occupation:. You are in the drivers seat and it is time to show your stuff because what you have been working on is being put to the test. Your project gets a green light. Because you do what needs to be done and take action you are going to see the results. Your customers increase, you are in line for a promotion, your income increases. Problems that arise are resolved in your favor.

Regarding Romance: Reneration of your relationships and commitment is consicered or discussed. You and your significant other either commit to make things work or you decide to call it off and go down a different road. If you are uncommitted, you won't be for long, you will meet another.

Judgement, Infinite Visions TarotRegarding your health: Suddenly problems clear up or you discover that regenerative healing powers are available to you to help you overcome dis-ease and dis-ability. You are releasing the past and find that this also releases the physical blockages that have been the cause of your stress and dis-ease.

Advice: You have come a long way and as you reflect on where you have been you are faced with a choice of where to go next. Take what you have learned to heart and use it towards being a better person and living a better life. Remember that if you keep going in circles it is because you are not learning from your mistakes. Learn; and then get out of that life that is not you anymore and move forward. Be the new person you truly are. Live in truth and be true to yourself.

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The Painting: A Knight At the Crossroads 1878
The Museum of Russian Art

The knight at the crossroads









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