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The World, Infinite Visions Tarot

The World

This figure is our world dancer, taken from one of William Bougereau's wonderful paintings. Here, a woman dances in the star dust with the world as her backdrop. She smells the fragrance of a flower and dances in the solar winds. She is stardust manifest. Hers is the joy of living, doing and being.

Meaning of the World: Happiness, wholeness, and the happy ending to a story or situation. With this, the final card in the fool's (major arcana) journey, the fool arrives at his destination. It is an energy that has a joyful feeling that everything is working together to bring you a wholeness and feeling of accomplishment. It is one of many endings that lead to new beginnings.

In a Reading: The World is a wonderful card because its energy is about counting your blessings and being fulfilled. The world dancer imparts joy that goes deep into the soul. The world and everything in it is yours. But don't assume that your goal in life has been attained. This is just a resting point before you begin again as the fool.

This card signifiesf the end of a story but more importantly the beginning of another adventure. Be ready to look towards the future rather than obsessing on the past, but don't forget to live in the present moment.

Regarding occupation: The focus is on world travel and world events will effect your business and social life. Because of the Internet, the world has gotten smaller and we are doing more business with people in foreign lands. You are right where you want to be and things are moving forward. Your promotion is better than you expected.

Regarding Romance: You will find what you are looking for romantically and you might realize that it was there right in front of you. Travel enhances an existing relationship or brings someone else into your life. You may even relocate to your new partner's country.

Regarding your health: You find alternative and holistic medicine works well for you. You find harmony and balance as your physcial well being comes into sync with your mental good mood.

The World, Infinite Visions TarotGeneral Advice:Relax into the carefree moment of bliss that this feeling brings you. You have overcome your limitations and you will continue to do so.

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