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The Dark Priestess, Infinite Visions Tarot

The Dark Priestess

Card description:
Behind her is a winged demon or devil. This represents her dark energy or the master who pulls her strings. She wears a black veil over her face which represents her hidden agenda and dishonesty. She holds a wand which represents her dark magic and her creative methods of manipulation. She is attractive and harmless looking enough to be unsuspecting. She projects and pretends innocence but is far from it.

Meaning of the Dark Priestess: This card is a warning. Although this card is a feminine energy, this agent can most certainly be a man. Simply put, she represents an acquaintance, male or female, who pretends to be a friend, but whose agenda is hidden and whose loyalty lies with opposing forces or directly with your enemy. 

She can be utilized as a double agent and you can glean much information from her, but she can never be trusted with true secrets as she is sleeping with, or married to the enemy. 

It is important to understand that the Dark Priestess represents a person with an agenda who often functions as a spy. She may be a friendly acquaintance, associate or co-worker. She collects information and may use it for gossip or for her own agenda. Treat her as politely as you would treat a member of an opposing team and keep her at a distance from your inner circle. She may seem to be a nice person but she is committed to your enemy by choice or obligation. She could even be a member of your immediate family.

Key words: "Married to the enemy" or "Sleeping with the enemy."

IN A READING: If the dark priestess lands in the first position in a ten card Celtic cross reading look to surrounding cards for an agenda and for information on who is trying to infiltrate your circle and why. In extreme cases, it could be a person working undercover for a traditional system (Hierophant or Emperor) who disapproves of your activities and seeks to discredit you or do damage to your business. 

If the dark priestess shows up in your own personal reading in a future position, be alert for the appearance of a person whose loyalty is ultimately with your enemy or at least certainly not in your best interest as she only serves her own best interest.

Regarding occupation:  The Dark Priestess waits, watches and listens, guarding her own agenda or cause carefully; and she will turn on you in a "New-York-minute" in defense of it when she feels it is necessary. She will be the one full of questions about your personal life. You should not trust her with any information you do not want your worst enemy to have. Look around at work or within your business dealings for someone who always wants you to do them a favor after they grace you with a smile, compliment or cheap gift.

Regarding romance: Beware the one who feigns a romantic interest in you who has a secret agenda. Or perhaps you simply have something she wants. She can also be a "he" and would be the one who is a gold digger or gigolo and is only after something you have that they want. If your new love interest seems to be keeping a secret, heads up, a con could be in progress.. This could be like a vampire energy that will feed for a length of time or it could be a quick hit and they will be gone with your purse or your car.Or it is possible that all she is after is information, but that is the spy that is the Dark priestess. It is what she does with the information that will be harmful.

Regarding your health: The dark priestess could be near, sucking your energy by laying her problems at your door step expecting you to solve them. Stress can pile up if this situation is allowed to continue and stress can cause headaches and many other symptoms of dis-ease. Sometimes all you have to do is eliminate the stress in your life by unfriending her. You must see her for what she is and stop letting the vampire drain your energy. Sympathy, attention and pity is sometimes all she wants because she knows it gives her power over you.

The Dark Priestess, Infinite Visions Tarot

Advice: Be aware of your words and who is listening. There may be a spy in your circle with an agenda. You will know the Dark Priestess because with her, there is a sense that she is holding back something. She chooses her words with care, she does not tell all. If she shows up at your door all friendly, its because she wants something from you. Don't feed her. Tell her only what you would want your enemy to know.

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