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The Lovers, Infinite Visions Tarot

The Lovers

Card Description: 
This card looks torn as it appears that a woman is torn between two lovers. On the right, a king is proposing marriage to her. She holds her hand over her heart, as if to withhold her love or protect her heart. Does she love them both? On the left she meets her lover by the window and kisses him, for he is the one she desires.

Meaning of the Lovers: The lovers card represents an important choice you are faced with that may alter your future. Marriage is such a choice. The choice represented by the lovers card may not be about a marriage but many times it is.

One choice is something you want, and the other may seem to be the practical or better choice. In our card, a woman is torn between the proposal of marriage from a King and her young lover who may not be as well equipped to take care of her. It could be a choice between passion and poverty vs. money and power.

The choice represented by the lovers card often is an ethical choice. Should she chase her passion or opt for security? If she desires wealth, family and security, the King may be a better choice. Is she being selfish to chase her desires or is she being foolish not to follow her heart? It becomes a dilemma between the head and the heart.

In a reading: You feel divided about a major issue. This card can represent both love and sex. It is about choices and decisions that will impact the rest of your life, such as who you will marry. It points to major or sudden changes in your relationship, adjustments in your love life and a choice between security and some sort of personal and risky behavior or opportunity.

You may be struggling with temptation or faced with making a choice between what you view as right or wrong. You could be finding out what you really care about by having to make this choice. The lovers card can also represent a crossroad where a decision must be made or you can’t really move forward.

Regarding occupation: You are in a temporary personal stalemate because you are facing a decision and are feeling conflicted and confused about it. Once you make the decision, expect changes in your career or at work. 

You may be struggling with temptation regarding a co-worker and the attraction going on between the two of you. It is important that you don’t make any hasty decisions and do something foolish that you will regret later. People who work in close contact on a daily basis are often mysteriously drawn together like a wave because of the group dynamic. When the wave passes the attraction will be gone and you will wonder what in the world you were thinking. (If there are no ethical issues involved and the attraction lasts, only then should you consider taking the relationship any further. Heed this advice. Lives and futures depend on you making the right decision. )

Regarding Romance: Decision time has arrived where your current relationship is concerned. You are going through some rough spots where you or your significant other are feeling attracted to someone else. Proceed carefully and consider the consequences of any impulsive actions. If paired with the high priestess, or any court card it often points to something hidden in the relationship. Paired with the three of swords may mean an affair or thoughts of divorce. There may be someone close to you interfering in your marriage or relationship. Avoid confrontation, but attempt to open the lines of communication.

Regarding your health: Before making a self diagnosis about your health, do some probing into your core belief system. You are the one who knows what is going on more that anyone. Consult your higher self and ask for some answers and then be alert for them. You may need to decide whether you want to go through a bunch of medical tests or simply change your lifestyle. Too many people abuse their bodies and then look to their doctor for a magic pill. Try both conventional and alternative therapies and go with what feels right. Get a second opinion on any diagnosis. Do whatever it takes to eliminate stress in your daily life.

The LoversAdvice: The choice made with your heart may not always work out the way you would like but to choose against your own heart will not take you to your true purpose or to happiness. All decisions are important even if you can't know where they will lead. A decision must be made. If you choose not to follow your heart your true purpose may be delayed. Be sure it is your true heart speaking and not just a temporary or fleeting desire.





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