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The Chariot, Infinite Visions Tarot

The Chariot

Card Description:
In our Chariot a powerful, warrior sits in a swift chariot, pulled by two horses. One of the steeds is black and the other white. The steeds represent powerful forces, internal or external, that can be controlled to achieve the goal. They are the vehicles for success. The colors of the horses represent the dual nature of the energy.

Meaning of the Chariot:The Chariot is a masculine energy that conquers by shear force of will and determination. It is the energy of the champion.

The Chariot's victory is often one that is a win-lose kind. Victory comes from beating your competition. The energy of this card is the energy of the hero who charges forward to conquer his objective.

The key words for this card are victory, and the hero's journey. It is an iron will and determination and focus that transforms the Chariot into unstoppable energy. The energy of the chariot is not simply wishing and hoping to achieve an objective, it the intention to do so. Intention and focused attention on the goal is what is needed or present when this card appears.

In a reading: The Chariot is a vehicle or it can symbolize a means to an end. Your journey can be a spiritual one or perhaps an actual trip, usually by car. You are on the move toward a bold new adventure. You have mustered the determination to accomplish something with the use of your will. You know where your are going and what you want to achieve. If you lack focus and determination, this card is telling you that this is what you need.

On a more simple and basic level, it can mean the purchase of a car or the acquisition of a vehicle that will serve as a means to an end.

Regarding occupation: The struggle at work with your boss or co-workers does not prevent you from finishing your projects successfully. You are better at your job than anyone else and would be difficult to replace. Your boss’s agenda may be different than yours but you can work around it and get things done. In a power struggle you might win the battle but he is the one who can fire you and it would not be beneficial for either party. Just do your job and work around the obstacles.

Regarding Romance: You are a person on a mission and may have little time or inclination for romance, but you do like to have a good time. Your idea of a good time is a weekend adventure doing something you are really interested in. Take someone who is interested in the same things or they will be put off or bored because you don’t pay enough attention to them.

Regarding your health: You would do well with some kind of workout routine that you enjoy and that is not a waste of your valuable time. Don’t over exert yourself because it may effect your job performance. Preventative medicine is the best thing for you so watch your diet and cut down on the junk food and alcohol. When you are stressed or tired, take it easy and get some rest so your immune system can fight off the bugs that are going around. A health problem you have had for a while improves significantly simply because you have not been obsessing about it. 

The ChariotGeneral Advice: If you want to win you must focus on the goal and keep charging forward with all the strength of will you can muster. The key is determination and focus. The chariot is a force to be reckoned with. If you are riding the chariot, you are headed for victory. The Chariot crushes the opposition. If you are in the path of the chariot, get out of the way.




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