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The Hermit, Infinite Visions TarotThe Hermit

Card Description:
An old man with a staff sits on a rock beside a roaring mountain stream with some books on his lap. A young boy stands in front of him as he prepares to learn from his teacher. Behind him, a waterfall pours into a deep mountain spring.

The meaning of The Hermit: The Hermit is primarily the seeker, who values truth above everything. He knows truth is intricately personal and very elusive. Although he will share his wisdom, he may sometimes be a hesitant or even reluctant teacher and only to those who are serious about their inquiries. If he has any students it is because they have sought him out as he does not seek to gain followers. He is never a preacher who plays to the crowds. He can be a teacher of hidden things, spiritual matters, and occult secrets but only to those who are sincerely in search of them and only if they ask. He has turned away from society and found joy in his solitude and truth from looking within, where the door to the deepest secrets reside.

In a reading: You have enjoyed getting away from your normal routine and being alone with yourself in quiet introspection, but the situation is about to change, so be prepared for the next phase. You know there are things to be done and you are beginning to sense what is truly important in life. You are less concerned about the things you want to accomplish, and more concerned about the quality of your life, and how you spend your time. At each point of enlightenment, you manifest a new resolve or standard to live by. Give yourself ample time to enjoy each moment and don’t be in a rush. Once you focus your attention on your goal and take the first step towards that end, you will discover that the universe has conspired to aid you at every turn.

Regarding occupation: You seem to be at a crossroad in your work, and the presence of several different inner perspectives are the cause of this dilemma. These perspectives radiate from your inner being as you perceive multiple possibilities, and then present these to your logical thinking side. Such is the conflict that arises with every small bit of enlightenment that surfaces for the Hermit. Suddenly things pick up and you face new challenges. You wake up a little because things become more interesting. You have been enjoying the ease of solitude in your job, but now you find you must rejoin the group and take a leadership position as an instructor. You draw upon your experience and skill and are recognized for it.

Finances: Know that the universe will conspire to bring you whatever you need to aid you in attaining what you truly desire. Keep focused on the goal, and on every step of the journey. Do not invest in things that conflict with your beliefs or if greed is the motivation. These are distractions that will throw a wrench into the universal works. Don’t listen to negative mental programming that tells you to compromise your standards. Stay true to your vision and use your energy for manifesting that and nothing else. Don’t get side tracked

Regarding Romance: Just when you seem quite content and are focused on your inner life you are surprised by someone you may have met before but never really hooked up with. This time the connection generates a spark that opens the door to the possibility of something more. Look closely and you will find a common interest that draws you together. If you can manage any physical contact, even a slight brush against a shoulder, you will create a quantum entanglement that will bring you together again.

Regarding your health:Your search for truth will often manifest throughout the physical body as various aliments and complaints. Muscular stiffness indicates a need to loosen up current beliefs which have created a blockage or wall that prevents conflicting information from getting past these sensors for examination and consideration. Consider using a new approach and try going by feeling rather that thinking to evaluate information. Most ailments are stress related and most stress comes from mental activities of worry and fear. There are unseen forces at work that respond to thought and feeling. It stands to reason that improving the nature of your thoughts and feelings will improve your health. I am not saying that all you have to do is “think positive” and you will be cured, nor do I mean to suggest your health problems are “all in your head.” but you can start by examining your thinking process carefully and then make a point to do something that makes you feel good. Make a plan for treatment that you believe in and have faith in.

Advice: Advice: You must first know who you are and how to help yourself before you can help others. By seeking solitude you can collect and organize your thoughts without the distractions of the world and others. Teaching others what you have learned is one of the best roads to discovery.


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