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Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Description: In this card you see an inviting path lined by flowers and shrubs and surrounded by trees leading to a beautiful castle where water pours out from a reservoir. Beyond the castle is a clear blue sky. The castle is one that projects the status of wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Meaning: The ace of pentacles stands for the potential for worldly status and achievements that have real impact in the world and the rewards that come with ingenuity and hard work. It is the beginning of fresh starts and new opportunities where you decide to focus on real concret results that you can see and touch. You now get down to earth using your common sense, realizing realistic goals one at a time which were built on a solid foundation.

In a reading: The timing is right for the beginning of a project that will bring rewards and financial changes in your life. Invest your time and your money in alignment with your project and with what you enjoy and are interested in. You know what you can do and what you need. You may build a home or a business or buy property for speculative purposes. Something new is entering into your world and it could even be a child. Perhaps the 'child' is your business.Whatever it is, if you nurture it, it will grow.

Regarding your occupation: Everything falls into place and you get a raise or promotion or an offer for a better job. Solutions to your problems are right in front of you, so be surel to recognize them. If it is a career change, you will not have to relocate unless other cards in the reading suggest it. You are actually in the right place at the right time. Take steps to improve your physical health, appearance and your posture. Stand tall and show your confidence, without being arrogant. Practice kindness to others. Be genuine.

Regarding Romance: In romantic partnerships you would do well to focuse on a practical approach that is realistic and grounded.. This is not the time for loosing your head and getting caught up in fantasy and drama. Your relationship will benefit you in both material and emotional ways. Stay grounded and you will be able to make your dreams real. Your partner will follow your lead and you will call the shots for the most part. You will come together as partners on many levels. You each have unique talents that compliment each other in business, and the relationship may blossom into a full blown money making enterprize. If it does, you must learn to separate the business aspect from the relationship or union aspect.. After all marriage is a partnership that involves a contract or agreement, and so should the business.

Regarding your health: The suit of pentacles is associated with the earth and the physical body and connects to your physical health and it speaks to proper diet and nutrition. The ace indicates that you have embarked on the road to recovery but to speed things up, you might want to look into a more natural approach that suits you, perhaps with herbs, or proven home remedies. You discover this approach gives you new awareness and energy. You see a new doctor who is into a more natural way of life who inspires you to embark on an exciting journey to renew your health and vitality and lose some weight. You discover that a positive attitude can directly affect your health and energy. Stick to a livable physical exercise program that you enjoy and let your body tell you what you need. Listen to it.

Ace of Pentacles

General Advice: Meditation helps to ground you and you benefit spiritually from it. Don't overthink it or puzzle about what meditation is. Just sitting with your morning coffee staring at the wall or soaking in a warm bath tub will do. Taking a drive in the country, or sitting by a lake or by the ocean will work wonders.

REVERSED: This card reversed speaks to an opportunity that will be missed (or was missed). So heads up and be on the keen look out for signs of opportunity and look to surrounding cards for more information.

Key words are: Opportunity, abundance, Good health, wealth, Material force, Practicality, Trust,





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