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Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands

The man in this picture looks exhausted. He sits there looking at a pile of books that represent all the work he has to do. He has taken on so much responsibility he has over extended his time and his energy. His success comes from being a workaholic and his energy comes from his creativity and passion for what he does.

In a reading: With the overwhelming success you have achieved in your field, you have also taken on a lot of responsibility. You can handle all the responsibility, but have little time left over from your duties for any kind of creative activity, which is what has gotten you where you are.

When this card appears, it could mean that you are pushing yourself too hard. There is a part of you that feels sad because you have not been able to find time for creative pursuits. It is time to let go and learn to delegate. If there is nothing left but burdens and responsibilities, there is no joy. Something has to change. You know better than to make this lifestyle a permanent thing.

You will not let anything take the joy out of living. While you may always be a workaholic, remember where your energy comes from and take some time to find your inspiration and regain your creative edge.

Regarding your occupation: Have you taken on more responsibility than you really want? You can certainly handle it, but is it something that you want to continue to do? Perhaps you should think about training someone else to do the things that you do so you can start using your creative genius for work you do best. It is time to dispense your knowledge and have some faith that you can teach someone to do the things you do, then you can free up some of your time for relaxation and enjoying the fruits of your success. If you don't do this, you will continue to bare the burden for the operations and lose your creative edge. It is the art of creating something new that gives you satisfaction and joy. The project needs your creativity in order to grow. Value that and find a way to nurture and support it.

Regarding Romance: Being too tired and too busy for romance, you are impatient and intolerant with the games people play in relationships. You would rather pet the dog and watch television. For now it has all become a burden. When creative energy is taxed, you are likely to lose interest in the opposite sex and even your grooming suffers. Go take a bath and have your hair styled, you will feel a lot better. On the other hand, sex is a creative activity and sometimes the burden of sexual duties in a relationship can drain your creativity and other creative work suffers or is completely blocked.

Ten of WandsRegarding your health: You are tired and a little angry at yourself for letting yourself get rundown and overweight. You are stressed out and suffering with minor physical complaints like pain in your neck and back. You need to do something to get your blood circulating again. It might help to seek chiropractic care or a massage therapy. Find a spark of inspiration by reading a book on nutrition and health that will change your mental attitude.

General Advice: Don't hesitate to let go and release some of your responsibilities. You will know when you have had enough. To tap into that endless energy supply, focus on diet and exercise and make time for some fun and creative activities. You need to realize that creativity is the jewel that has brought you success. In order to make room for it to return you must delegate some responsibility to others.

Reversed: You have taken on more than you can handle and you are burnt out. You have lost our creative edge and are on the verge of collapse. Before your health takes a turn for the worse you need to take some time off for rest. Do it now before illness forces you.






The Painting: 
St. Peter in Prision Rembrandt - 1631

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (Dutch:15 July 1606 October 1669) was a Dutch painter and etcher.

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