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Page of Wands

Page of Wands

Our page of wands is from a painting of Saint Hubertus who begins his spiritual journey after he receives a message from a white stag while hunting.

Saint Hubertus or Hubert was the first Bishop of Liège. He was a Christian saint who was the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians, and metalworkers.

Pages are sometimes about messages. The wands suit is about spirituality, originality, and creativity. When pages represent people they usually represent the young and inexperienced or immature (or naive) adults.

As a person, a page can be either a male or female. The page of wands is very charismatic, adventuresome and of course, creative. On the negative side, he is careless and even reckless. He is a seeker of his passion and will go from one thing to the next looking for it. He feels he knows more than he really does and is always surprised to learn about something he did not know about. He will begin a project and then get distracted and begin another one. It appears that he has abandoned the first project, but he always has the intention of going back to that later whether he ever gets around to it or not. He will sometimes have three or four projects at work at one time and will leave the clutter from his projects all over the place.

The page of wands often represents the seeds of creativity that are beginning to sprout or messages concerning something that has just pierced the veil of reality when an idea takes form or comes to fruition.

Regarding your occupation: A message regarding a job or a new project at work. It may be a freelance job pertaining to one of your passions or hobbies. Listen to your intuition about investments. Don't act impulsively; check out the details and go in with a plan. There seem to be new opportunities every time you turn around and you will be working on more than one thing, plus trying to fulfill your current daily responsibilities.

Regarding Romance: There is a new relationship in the works and it is just what you have been hoping for but if you don't take the necessary action you might miss it. While you should not specifically go trolling for a date, just follow your true bliss and there is where you will meet someone who shares your passion. If you already have a significant other, focus on something that you both have a passion for and it will put new life into your relationship.

Regarding your health: You need to make some changes in your eating and lifestyle habits. Focus on range of motion or yoga and stretch exercises and cut down on the junk food. You have the tendency to get absorbed in a project and you ignore your physical health and eat whatever is handy. You will be amazed how your body will respond to and enjoy some fresh vegetables and more water. You have the ability to tune into your body and find out what it needs and how it is feeling if you will take the time to do that. If your lips are dry, carry a container of water with you and sip on it throughout the day. Add a squeeze of lemon, it will help to balance your PH and hydrate your cells by breaking apart clusters of water molecules.

The Page of Wands


General Advice: Don't let your emotional enthusiasm fade because of too many responsibilities. Keep the creativity flowing and don't fall into that competitive mind set. Frantic competition is a mind set of fear and self doubt. People compete because they doubt their ability to be original and creative. You don't have that problem, you have a secret that allows you to tap into an endless storehouse of creative ideas and when they begin to flow, there is no end to them. Take one or two of them and make them happen. You will know them because they are the ones that bring joy to your heart and soul and they benefit the people around you.

Reversed: Being reckless can get you or someone else hurt. Slow down and think carefully about what you are doing. Take a risk, but don't be careless. Don't ignore that inner voice that whispers your destiny.



The Painting: 
St. Hubertus encounters the white stag.

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