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Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

The knight charges forward on his horse bursting out of the flames of creativity like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Think of a knight as an energy or attribute before you think of it as representing a person. Look at the surrounding cards and the nature of the question before you interpret the meaning of any knight in a reading.

In a Reading: Knights will appear in readings when your life is in a state of change or transition. The knight of wands is about movement. His energy is exciting but cocky and reckless. If this knight's energy sounds like someone you know, you might wish to follow him but he could get you in a lot of trouble. The knight of wands is often on a foolhardy journey just for the excitement of it. He is very brave but often lacks a plan B, or even a plan A for that matter. Knights are often on the move and are depicted on a horse flying through the air or in this case, the fire.

The appearance of the knight of wands could mean a physical move from one home to another or from one job to another. The energy of this knight is daring, restless and passionate. If it describes the nature of a person in your life you will know him by his charm and his disarming smile that you don't (and shouldn't) really trust. He can be seductive and attractive at first and then later prove to be thoughtless and superficial.

This card represents the energy and attributes of a person who will always be willing to try something new and exciting. He could be a race car driver, a stunt man, a sky diver, a fireman who gets real excited at the scene of a fire. He might work with explosives, or work at a dangerous job like search and rescue. He pursues sexual conquests and may go from one to the next. He will call your bluff so don't dare him to do something hoping he will back down, he may be raring to go.

He has a deep spiritual center and philosophy of life that pushes him to live life to the fullest. He holds freedom and adventure high on his list of priorities.

Regarding your occupation: The job involves a move or travel and if it does not, you may change occupations until a more interesting or exciting one comes along. You will not last long or be happy in a boring or average occupation.

Regarding Romance: The person you meet is one you work with or have met through work or while traveling. You are drawn to people who have the same lust for life as you do and you would lose interest if it were otherwise. Don't fall in love or into bed too quickly, because you may wake up to discover it was a temporary and superficial attraction. Give the relationship some time to grow. With this energy involved, you may choose to live together before you entertain any ideas of marriage.

Regarding your health: Your health improves because your attitude improves. Your moods and thoughts have a direct effect on your health. Pay attention to your posture. Range of motion exercises like yoga benefit you tremendously and aid you in your active lifestyle. After all, you like to move, so make sure you remain flexible enough to do so when it counts.

Knight of Wands
General Advice:
 Your love for life deserves that you give more thought to your goals, and develop a less reckless approach to things. Practice improving your skill via your mind and practice using some visualization techniques before you rush off on your next bold adventure. Imagine yourself achieving exactly what you want and get a feel for the consequences of your actions. Learn to plan. It won't take the excitement out of the adventure. If you have the belief that the unexpected is more exciting, also know that it is not so good to be caught unprepared. It will also make you look foolish.

Reversed: Your quest for adventure and love can get you in trouble if you do not temper it with wisdom. Tread lightly around others, their lives may be in your hands.





The horse in this card was borrowed from the Painting: The Rescue, By Vereker Monteith Hamilton (1856-1931)

Hamilton was a Scottish artist of military and historical works. Born at Hafton, Argyll on February 14, 1856,


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