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King of Wands

King of Wands

- Who he is: As a person, the king of wands usually represents a mature man who has achieved many of his creative pursuits and yet he still has and expresses tremendous excitement and creativity. His energy is deeply spiritual and highly sexual. He inspires and attracts others. He could be a father, uncle or older brother.

This card can also represent these same attributes in a woman, but she would probably be an independent woman who may have her own successful business. She has learned to wield the wand of creativity with confidence and power that surpasses most.

The King of Wands is likely to be an entrepreneur or a man who persistently works towards that end. He takes risks to achieve his goals, and during the span of his life is likely to have lost everything and gained it back more than once. When one of his business ventures fail, he simply picks himself up and begins again. He does not give up on his dream of working for himself, or decide to just go back to working for someone else. He is a perpetual dreamer who, with the right formula, will make his dreams come true, and with the wrong formula will go from rags to riches to rags again until his life is over. If he is a positive thinker and can take positive action towards his goals, he will achieve amazing success, because without his kind of creativity and passion, there would be no progress in the world. 

On the negative side, he is spoiled and has a temper if he does not get what he wants. For him, the world exists for him and he wants what he wants and he sees no reason he should not have it.

Regarding your occupation: Innovation, originality and new ideas is the thing that will keep you at the top of the game. People will try to pick your brain and profit from your ideas because they have none of their own. Don't sell yourself short. Find the wisdom to know what you are worth and the courage to get compensated for it. If you are self employed remember that an idea is dust in the wind if you do not take action to bring it to fruition. Taking action is the attribute of the magician. Combine the energy of the magician with this king's energy and success is guaranteed.

Regarding Romance: You may be so focused on your business or career that you miss the chance to find a romantic partner, or so focused on finding a sexual partner that your professional life suffers. Slow down and look around. Have faith that your creative instincts will guide you down the right career path and take some time out to nurture your relationships. Learn to channel your creative energy into everything you do. This energy is a sexual energy, and is so intense you may be inclined to overwelm your significant other so it is wise to find other constructive creative outlets for it (besides sex) if you intend to remain faithful.

Regarding your health: Your health will improve when you slow down and get some rest. Try being more aware of how your emotional state affects your health. Anger and worry is extremely damaging and stress provides a fertile field for cancer growth and migraine headaches. Don't over indulge in unhealthy food or alcohol. Don't drink to relax. Try to overcome your addiction to cigarettes and caffine (mountain dew type) and use coffee instead. Exercise! Find some physical activity that you can enjoy even if it is a walk in the park. Don't fight your moody personality, just be more aware of it and how it affects you and others.

King of WandsGeneral Advice: Solving problems and manifesting what you desire is the driving force of this card. Opening a dialogue with yourself and getting in touch with your feelings will help you to gauge your success and how much you are attracting the things you want in your life, rather than repelling them. You will discover that when you are feeling good, you will be more successful, and when you are feeling bad, you will prevent success from manifesting. Practice using your will to direct your feelings. If that does not work, then just do something that makes you feel good before you focus on what you want to accomplish.

Reversed: The hotter the flame, the faster it burns. Don't let this situation get out of control, it could be dangerous. Wrong thinking will lead you down the wrong path and towards disaster. The only thing that prevents the King of Wands from having everything he desires are negative beliefs and negative thinking. .


Alfred the Great

This pose was inspired by a statue of Alfred the Great., who was considered the chief god in Norse mythology and the ruler of Asgard. The statue was created by British Sculptor Sir William "Hamo" Thornycroft. (9 March 1850–18 December 1925)

The background painting: The background is taken from a painting by Thomas Cole of Mount Aetena painted in 1844. 

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