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Three of Wands

Three of Wands

A group of adventurers who are clearly engaged in some sort of exploration or quest seem to be having an intense conversation. One man points to the distance and speaks to other man who listens carefully.

This is a card about vision and great ideas, and is a group energy. The course of their journey is well planned and well informed. The obvious leader stands with his arms crossed, carefully considering the information he is being given. His troop awaits eagerly for his decision to move forward. Even now, at this point of the journey, they are planning ahead as they seek out and explore uncharted lands.

In a Reading: This is a vision quest. The thought that goes into it guarantees that the rewards will outweigh the risks. As a group, they do not react in the heat of passion, but they take the time to discuss and consider each step in the course of their journey. The leader not only has the vision to see what lies ahead, he is willing to be the first to go there. The group takes risks, but they do not go forward blindly like the fool. They know what the risks are and what the rewards will be. Unlike the the fool, who simply crashes ahead clueless to the pitfalls, the three of wands incorporates group energy, courage, planning and wisdom into this vision quest. It is not an accident or luck that will bring success, it is positive thinking, intention and action.

Regarding your occupation: For questions regarding your job, career or occupation this card is good news indeed. Your projects are beginning to take off and this is just the beginning. Word of mouth will bring customers to your door, sales will increase, you will get a raise or be promoted or you will promote yourself.

Regarding Romance: You will be with friends or on a trip, when you meet the person of your dreams with whom you will share a deep spiritual connection. If you have a significant other, a vacation to an exotic land that involves travel by water is indicated. Perhaps a cruise would be a good idea.

Regarding your health: Good news concerning your health because you have finally learned how to balance your career with your hobbies and leisure pursuits. You work just as hard at play as you do at work. As your health improves you will desire to go further towards a youthful feeling and an increase in energy and vitality. Don't just think about it, do it.

Three of Wands, Infinite Visions Tarot


General Advice: Your new found wisdom and world view has been clarified and you feel you have the formula for success in all areas of your life. The only thing left to do now is to actually put them into action with persistence and consistency. Practice this every day and make it a habit. You possess the wisdom and the power to manifest and attract what you want in your life. Combine the energy of the magician with the three of wands for guaranteed success.

Reversed: There may be a weak link in the chain regarding your close associates. Find that link and strengthen it or replace it.



Pedro Lira

Painting: Fundación de Santiago en el Santa Lucía, según óleo de Pedro Lira (1889). Más información:The original painting (1889) is in public Domain and is by Pedro Lira, Chilean painter, writer and teacher.

Born,Santiago, 2 March 1845;
Died Santiago, 20 April 1912).

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