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Four of Wands

Four of Wands

A woman is surrounded by her friends and supporters. She is the center of attention. She could be a bride celebrating her new home and family with great joy and expectations for the future. Behind here are people celebrating and soldiers escorting her.

In the tarot, the journey of the fool is called "The royal road." and "the court" refers to the royal court or the head of the kingdom. In this case, it represents your family, which is your kingdom. Family support gives you a feeling of security and happiness. Think of the woman in this card as a princess and a bride which will make her the new queen with the support of a new kingdom. I have always referred to this card as "The support of the Court," as it means family and security and a feeling of happiness and celebration.

In a Reading: The four stands for stability, solidity and tangible achievement. It is about practical attainment and security. It involves things previously planned that are now beginning to manifest. It is the beginning of a new chapter which has both a new found freedom and security.

Combine the number four, with the wands suit and you have a situation or event that has great creative potential along with a stable and secure environment. That suggests a marriage that could result in a family tree that will grow and span future generations. It could also mean that the business or project started at the three of wands level is off and running and destined to be fruitful, secure and successful, perhaps even growing and lasting through future generations as a corporation or family business.

Regarding your occupation: An offer or opportunity from another company may involve a move to a new city or across town and will entail more responsibility and more money. This is a new path to your future and a step in the right direction towards more security and job satisfaction.

Regarding Romance: Your relationship gets more serious and practical and your living situation takes a more committed turn. You and your significant other may decide to buy a house or move in together. If you are married, you may be considering or discussing a move or buying a new home. This card, paired with the six of pentacles or or six of wands, means you will succeed in getting the loan and the home you want.

Regarding your health: A change of location, doctor or lifestyle will cause a noticeable improvement in your health. If you are involved in a serious relationship, you could get (or already be) pregnant. You are in a fertile stage of life where creative pursuits are beneficial and fruitful. You benefit from herbs and natural food.

Four of Wands, Infinite Visions Tarot


General Advice: Welcome the changes that come into your life now because they are the beginning of the new chapter that will take you down the road to your future. Keep your direction towards creative pursuits and don't rush or get impatient. Have faith in your own natural creative nature.

REVERSED:  Don’t depend completely on your significant other to carry the entire burden.  Pull your own weight in your job, your marriage, your circle of friends. Contribute. Give back to those who support you.






Eric Pape

The Original Painting:
Pastel on Board
Date: 1919

Eric L. (Frederic) Pape
(American, 1870-1938) 


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