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Five of Wands

Five of Wands

The competitive mind set is something that people operate in when they are not in the creative mode. It is often done for the sole purpose of proving something to yourself or someone else. It could be that someone wants what you have and you are forced to compete for it.

The wands suit is all about creativity but this card represents a disruption of that energy or a temporary departure from it. You may be spending so much time competing that you forget to use your creative energy where it really counts and your energy is spent elsewhere; so when it comes time to work on your creative project you just have nothing left. It is time to adjust your attitude and get a better perspective on the situation.

Chaos comes from the beginning of a new cycle and you might have been caught off guard. With this energy, your worst enemy is yourself and this could mean that you are arguing with your own instincts and not listening to your inner voice. You are rushing around trying to catch up or fix things, and trying to get caught up to where you think you should be and you just seem to fall behind.

Creativity will always win over the stubborn will. When you let go and just allow things to flow, everything will fall into place. This is one of those days where you begin by getting up on the wrong side of the bed and from there it goes from bad to worse. Your impatience will serve to set into motion, a chain of events that will bring chaos to the situation. You can turn this around by an instant attitude adjustment that requires you to emotionally and mentally step away from it and begin again, with faith and confidence, to focus on your objective. Slow down and take your time.

In this inner battle, the white horse and rider represent your higher self and the black horse and rider represent your little self or ego who stubbornly wants to do it himself and does not have the faith enough to let go of his attempts to control the situation. Eventually your creative side will win out and your struggle will be over. You will know when this happens because synchronicity will begin to show its face and there will be smooth sailing from that point.

Regarding your occupation: There will be stiff competition for the job you are wanting and you can use that to inspire you to be your best, but you should remember that true creativity is an asset that far out weighs appearances. Aspire to the highest personal values and don't get caught up in a scuffle over the scraps and crumbs. Just do your best and keep moving. Don't let obstacles cause you to stumble or set you to crying in your beer. Keep moving and find work that fulfills and satisfies your creative nature.

Regarding Romance: Be the best you can be and don't take your significant other for granted because you are not the only one interested. He or she has other options and may even be maintaining another relationship or having an affair. Something is competing for your lover's time and it might be their work or it could be another person. Be the best you can be and don't be your own worst enemy.

Regarding your health: Health concerns may involve your insurance company or health care professional and their failure to satisfy their part of the bargain. This adds to your stress and can only make matters worse. It is time to step back and see how much you can do for yourself to improve your health and stop being so dependant on someone else to come up with a magic pill. If you have been rushing around doing other things and neglecting your health, it is time to focus on changing that. Take a deep breath and then proceed with a clear head and do what you have to do.

Five of Wands

General Advice: Have you made time for one of your favorite creative pursuits or are you rushing around thinking you don't have the time for it? You need to make time for yourself and learn to say no to the some of the demands being made on you and that you have elected to take on.. You have no one to blame but yourself for this chaos because you are the one making the choices. Start keeping track of what you want to accomplish and simply allot the time to work on it. Remember that anytime you are in a hurry, you are in the competitive state of mind and your creativity is being disrupted.

Reversed: You may not be ready for the competition, or you have writers block. Snap out of it or you will lose what you have. If you fight or ignore your gut feeling and that inner voice you may make the wrong choices.

Artist: N.C. Wyeth
Style: Romanticism
Series: Thomas Malory "The Boy's King Arthur"
Genre: illustration


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