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Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands

In this picture one man is delivering an urgent message to the rider on the white horse. Other riders seem to be ready to move out fast when the order is given. That order is the energy of the eight of wands as it is the order that sets things in motion. Plans are being put into action or moving into high gear. The men in the picture have been on a journey to this destination and now it is time to complete the final phase of the mission. Timing is crucial, the time for action is now.

In a reading: This is the action finish. It is time to "wrap it up." It is that moment before the climax in the last part of a story or movie.;that part where you don't want to be interrupted. It is where you find the missing puzzle piece in a mystery. It is the final touches on your creative project that bring it to conclusion. Although it is not the exact time of an "ending" it is that crucial time just before the ending when everything comes together and makes sense. It is when you discover who the murderer is and apprehend him in the plot of a mystery. It is the next to last step to the climax of an event.

Regarding your occupation: Things are beginning to move rapidly forward as you reach the completion of your goal or project. There are still a few more loose ends to tie up. Timing is crucial, and now is the time for action. New opportunities are showing their face and you receive messages with positive feedback and ideas. Watch your mail for good news and packages. The stagnation you have recently experienced is over and it is time to move forward. Don't ignore the synchronistic clues that proliferate your life. Be alert for messages of all kinds, even in a tarot card.

Eight of Wands

Regarding Romance: Just when you thought you were not going to find a date, you meet someone quite unexpectedly. You are interested in the work they are involved in and find that you have similar interests and beliefs. If you are already involved, things get more interesting and the relationship moves to a more serious level. A move may be the reason for the changes or perhaps you decide to move in together.

Regarding your health: A turn about in your attitude causes your healing to speed up which suggests that your health is greatly affected by your state of mind. Your immune system responds to this new positive input and you see an increase in energy. Try visualization and consciously correcting your posture and notice the change in how you feel.

General Advice: One moment you are sitting there in deep thought and suddenly everything seems to start moving and happening at once. If you are prepared, you know what to do now. If not, it is time to gather your thoughts and switch gears and answer the call to action.

Reversed: When things start happening you find out that you are not prepared and chaos reigns. Get prepared quickly if it is not too late, make a plan to recover when you are caught off guard. Don't put yourself in the position of having to say, "I wasn't ready!" When this card appears in the reversed position, brace yourself for something unexpected.

Otto Bache

The Painting: Otto Bache (21 August 1839 – 28 June 1927) was a  Danish painter. Many of his pictures depict key events in Danish history

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